Waiakea Water Preserves the Environment

Unlike some other bottled waters, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water brings consumers pure, fresh water from a totally natural source.

It comes from Mauna Loa, the largest subaerial volcano. Although it’s on the Big Island of Hawaii in the tropics, the volcano’s peak is so high it’s capped with snow. This snowmelt and rain drain through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock that’s very porous. That enriches it with essential minerals and electrolytes. Learn more about Waiakea Water: https://www.shopgourmet.com/products/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-artesian-water-16-9-oz-pack-of-24

Those include calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium. And it contains an almost ideal amount of silica. With a natural pH level of 8.8, the water is quite alkaline.

According to NoobPrebuer, because Waiakea water comes directly from the pure volcanic, island environment, the company demonstrates total committment to preserving and protecting that environment. They maintain a carbon-neutral rating. They are the first brand of Hawaiian bottled water and first premium bottled water certified CarbonNeutral®. They accomplish that through supporting reforestation projects.

For every liter of water they sell, they donate 650 liters to communities in Malawi Africa in partnership with Pump Aid. That’s an international charity dedicated to helping communities in rural Africa obtain a supply of clean water.

Along with Pump Aid, Waiakea has provided clean, safe water to 1.5 million people. They’ve also established more than 3,200 Elephant Pumps. All this is in accordance with the traditional Hawaiian concept and practice of “ma¯lama i ka ‘a¯ina.”

Ryan Emmons founded the company in 2012, and by 2015 achieved a 5,000% growth rate according, to PR Newswire. That’s an average of 170% per year. They founded the business on three initiatives: sustainability, health and charitable giving. They reached 2,000 stores in 30 states in the United States. To meet demand, last year they set up a new manufacturing center in Hawaii.

They encourage consumers to drink ethically. By 2015, they were selling over 120,000 cases, and they donated 500 million liters of clean water to Africa. Also, Waiakea water goes into only bottles of 100% recycled (rPET) plastic. This means their packaging as a 90% smaller carbon footprint, 95% less usage of water and 85% smaller consumption of energy. It’s BPA-free.

They obtain the water from an aquifer with a 1.4 billion gallon recharge rate, which means there is plenty available to supply the demand. Their bottling facility runs on 33% renewable energy.

Madison Street Capital Thriving in the Ever Competitive Investment Banking World

The M&A Advisor is planning to hold its 15th Annual Awards on November 9, 2015. Firms and experts in the financial service sector will be honored for their excellent performance. Despite competing in two of the most competitive categories, Madison hopes to scoop both of them. The Madison Street Capital’s reputation will be boosted to a top-notch level if it emerges the winner and receives the awards.

Madison handled the complex financial details and transactions associated with the purchase of Acuna & Asociados. The company tasked Karl D’Cunha, the senior managing director, with the responsibility of overseeing the deal. Due to successful results, the firm is hoping to win an Industrials Deal of the Year. Madison is also hoping to scoop the Investment Banking Firm of the Year.

Highest standards of client services

The company’s dealmakers work diligently across multiple time zones to identify thriving businesses on behalf of their customers. Karl D’Cunha stated that the acquisition transaction was complicated and full of multiple moving parts. According to him, earning a nomination is a clear indication that the firm is growing tremendously.

The M & A Advisor’s details

The M&A Advisor began its operation officially in 1998. It specialized in the provision of guidance and expertise on M&A activities. Nearly decades since its inception, the firm has created a leading international network of M&A finance gurus. It helps top performers in the in the financial sector of U.S. to build strong relationships with other professionals and companies.

Madison Street Capital

Madison is an investment-banking giant dedicated to the highest level of excellence, accountability, and leadership when it comes to the provision of evidence-based financial advisory services. It handles businesses that are held privately or publicly. It responds swiftly and steadfastly to opportunities that arise since it understands the time sensitivity associated with the corporate finance. The firm’s designs corporate finance transactions that benefit both owners of businesses and investors. It has in-depth knowledge, unequaled experience, and strong relationships necessary to help sellers identify serious buyers. Additionally, the firm matches the right capitalization and financing structure to the special situation of each customer.

Corporate charity

Through its corporate charity wing, Madison focuses on forging reliable businesses within communities across the US. It makes a real impact on domestic and international communities by supporting organizations such as United Way, a nonprofit that offers solutions to pressing community matters. Madison is endowed with a team of seasoned entrepreneurs who have comprehensive knowledge, professional expertise, and extensive connections. The Chicago, Illinois-based mid-market investment banking company has expanded its operations to Asia, North America, as well as Africa. For more information, visit Benzinga.com: http://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/16/08/r8401008/madison-street-capital-announced-as-finalist-for-the-15th-annual-m-a-adm

Securus Technologies Makes For Impressive News

Securus Technologies recently acquired the BICSI Installer 1 Certification honor from the company BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International. Securus Technologies showed an extreme pleasure their 11 specialists receiving the certifications. Between the two companies, Securus Technologies and BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, they see fantastic rewards from the certifications. Making inroads has always been the Securus Technologies way, and this shows that they have taken an even greater lead in their industry. With Securus Technologies, there is an impressive future for more and more acclaims to their company name and people for even greater success.


Securus Technologies is a company that provides technologies that deal with the public safety of the people in North America. At Securus Technologies, they assist with the justice organizations in monitoring and corrections information. Securus Technologies has provided assistance for over one million prisoners.


BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International


Inside the company of BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International are many well trained professionals. They are given priority by BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International to make sure that the needs of the company are upheld. Their main focus is what they do for the information and technology communications field, and they assist them in many ways. The BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International looks forward greater success in the future.


Securus Technologies continues to look forward to greater success in the future. At Securus Technologies inventing better technologies is always in their mind. Securus Technologies will utilize BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International again for even greater results. As Securus Technologies progresses to further successes, they will become even better known in North America and clear across the world.

When Floods Hit Sergio Cortes Was In Action To Aid Recovery

Doctor Sergio Cortes is the Health Secretary for Brazil. He was instrumental in helping his fellow citizens in the city of Duque de Caxias, in Xerém, which is situated in the state of Rio de Janeiro, recover from a devastating flood a while back. The flooding devastated the heavily populated city and surrounding areas. Reporting to the country’s Health Minister, Dr. Cortes did an intensive survey of damage to infrastructure while he toured the affected areas. He found major problems with the water supply and sewage treatment plant. After testing the water supply from the taps in the city’s shelters, Cortes found that there was a presence of leptospirosis, a deadly bacteria.

This development got Sergio Cortes into action to do his best to prevent the emergence of serious diseases enabled by the flood waters. Chief among the possible outbreaks that he was guarding against were hepatitis A and dengue fever. Both these diseases have occurred after flooding in the past in Brazil. He immediately reported the dangerous water situation to Health Minister Camillo Junqueira, who ordered more pallets of safe bottled water to be trucked to the emergency shelters. He also issued orders, based upon Dr. Cortes’ recommendation, that all water be disinfected before use in hygiene and cooking. He also required everyone to start drinking only bottled water.

Another major decision Dr. Cortes came to was also enacted by the Health Minister: thousands of more instant injections for strong antibiotic treatments were provided to the healthcare workers at the shelters. Other diseases were also a concern for the good doctor. Besides the possibility of an outbreak of meningitis and chicken pox, there was the problem of severe diarrhea, brought on by the consumption of polluted drinking water. Compounding these issues were early occurrences of the Zika virus and some other lesser issues that caused panic in some of the populace.

They can process up to 300 people each day. Read more details about the flood and the response by Dr. Cortes, and follow Dr. Cortes on his Twitter, and check out LinkedIn shares by Dr. Cortes.

Kenneth Goodgame Joins True Value Hardware to Foster Growth and Profitability

In an effort to stimulate profitability and growth, one of the world largest hardware stores; True Value Corporation, has recently announced the appointment of new executives to be part of the company’s leadership at its retail support center.

This restructuring is meant to consolidate the hardware’s global distribution chain, the supply network, and the logistics division, to create a store with a sharper focus on growth and efficiency.

Kenneth Goodgame, who most recently worked at Ace Hardware as the General Merchandising Manager, will join the hardware to serve as the Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) and the Senior Vice President of the store. Kenneth will replace the retiring Mike Clark, bringing in diverse executive expertise in hardware and consumer goods manufacturing.

Goodgame is a graduate of United States Military Academy based in West Point with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He earned his MBA at the Houston University after which he was employed in a division of Rubbermaid Cleaning, a global marketer, and seller of commercial and consumer products. At the company, he served the far eastern operations of the company’s home products, commercial products, Graco and Little Tikes, and the cleaning products divisions.

Kenneth also served a variety of merchandising positions at Home Depot, an online platform that retails appliances, furniture, and interior decorations.

Abhinav Shurkla, who joined from AlixPartners will assume the responsibilities of the Chief Operating Officer. Owning a consultant global firm where he served as a consultant to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, he is expected to improve the operational and financial performance of the hardware with his prominent expertise in global supply chain management.

Finally, the restructuring will also include Tim Mills, who will serve the position of the Senior Vice President of Growth. Tim previously worked for HD Supply, a leading distributor of products and value-added services in North America.

Eric Pulier is Giving Back to the World Around Him

He kept this passion throughout grade school, middle school, and high school before continuing his education at Harvard University. Eric began his college education at Harvard in 1984 where he studied Computer Sciences, English and American Literature and Visual and Environmental Studies. During his time at Harvard, he was also the author of a weekly column in the Harvard Crimson Weekly titled Pulierleg. Eric graduated Magna cum Laude in 1988 and went on to develop and help found many different technology-based companies.

Over the years Eric Pulier has founded over 15 companies and it all started back in 1991 with his first company called People Doing Things. People Doing Things also known as PDT was a company the addressed issues such as education and health care by utilizing technology. His next company that he founded was Digital Evolution in 1994 which later merged with US Interactive LLC. In a project that combined Eric’s passion for humanity with his love for technology, he lead the efforts to build a private social network for children suffering from chronic illnesses.

To date, Eric is a board member of the Painted Turtle which is a charitable organization that created a summer camp in California specifically for these children . Eric is involved in many different philanthropy efforts in which help to better the world around him not for himself but for others. One of his philanthropy efforts is being a financial donor and collaborator with the XPRIZE Foundation and The Campaign for Free College Tuition. Learn more about Eric and his many ventures here.

Diversant Is On A Mission For Success And Ethnic Diversity

John Goullet has been in the IT staffing industry for a very long time and has built a great deal of experience and success doing so. Just starting out, John was working as an IT consultant, followed by moving on to IT staffing. He opened his very own IT staffing company in 1994, known as Info Technologies. It wasn’t long before the company was noticed as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States as part of the private sector, with the company quickly reaching a net value of over $30 million. Info Technologies was later merged with Diversant after its bout of success, to form the company Diversant LLC. John became the Principal Executive as part of the leadership advisory board at Diversant.

Diversant is also known as the largest African American IT staffing company within the United States, which enables John Goullet to share his knowledge with a great deal of people as part of the advisory board. He has brings great value with experience in building a startup company, handling customers, and surpassing technical requirements. Not only does John Goullet have a great deal of experience in business, but Diversat is able to effect ethnic diversity in a variety of ways. They allow their consultants to come up with strategies to solve issues from many different standpoints and cultural views, to come up with different solutions for different life experiences.

As it stands, Diversant LLC is certified completely as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise, which indicates that the company is owned primarily by individuals who fall into the minority. This is unlike most other tech companies out there. Diversant is also very supporting of the Harlem Business Alliance, viewing Ethnic Diversity as a positive and not just a quota or requirement. The Harlem Business Alliance and Diversant are involved with each other because the decreasing investment and lack of support of Harlem.

James Dondero and his Successful Endeavors

James Dondero is known to be many things including the innovator and the drive behind his investment firm that is known as the Highland Capital Management investment firm, a firm that is known to have some of the top experts in the world and that can provide the best investment opportunities with a high rate of return and with a low risk involved. James Dondero and his team are experts when it comes to this industry and have over 20 years of experience with leading this investment firm into the future with the help of speculation and their savvy business mind for investment. James Dondero is not only the current President of this investment firm, but is also co-founder of Highland Capital who has dedicated his entire career to offering some of the best solutions possible for both businesses as well as individuals looking for a high rate of return.

Though this investment firm was founded in 1993, James Dondero already had over ten years of investment experience under his wing. Mr. Dondero and his team offer credit-based solutions that present ample opportunity for individuals and businesses that are involved in both the private sector as well as those that are involved in the public sector. James Dondero has always been an individual who has been considered to be ahead of his time with his many investment solutions. One example that has demonstrated his unique investments includes the buying of some of Argentina’s debt in order to reintroduce the company back into the international bonds market. This business idea proved to be profitable and proved to spark economic growth.

As a member of this community, Mr. Dondero has been on a mission to give back to the community by making many generous donations and by putting in time and the effort to help others in need. To help with this endeavor, James Dondero has enlisted the help of Linda Owen, a respected philanthropist within the Dallas community.

Keeping Your Business Reputation Clean

Being an entrepreneur has been your lifetime dream and goal. Not only has it been a dream, but you’ve taken the giant step of running your own business. You run the business in a respectful manner and try to maintain a positive image for your brand or service.

Wouldn’t it be great to run your business without customer discrepancies? Hopefully not having to deal with customers (or competitors) making negative comments about you or your business? That would be exquisite, except for one thing. Anyone in business knows that you can’t please all the people all the time.

Truth is, one bad transaction could mean a disgruntled customer on a crusade to ruin your business. Disgruntled customers, along with jealous competition, could put your reputation and your business in the line of fire. You think you should take the high road and do business as usual. Ignore the “small” talk.

However, things are not always that simple. What should you do in a confrontational dispute about the way you do business? If you don’t defend yourself in today’s society of consumers, people may take heed to the accusations of your business. There are five ways to get past this.

Don’t stoop to a disgruntled customer’s or jealous competitor’s level.

It’s only human nature to fight back when people push you. The downside to that is it makes you look unprofessional. You shouldn’t “beef” with customers or competition.

If all else fails, there is a company online that can help remove negative reviews. Go to searchcleanup.com and utilize their services, while you run your business.

Don’t underestimate your support groups.

These are the people that were there from “Day 1” until now. Let them know how you feel about the attack on you and your business. Whatever you do, don’t let your anger get the best of you. If the accusations become too much to handle, then visit http://searchcleanup.com.

Above all, remember why you got into business for yourself in the first place. It will all become clear.

Connecting Kids With Parents On Securus

I know that connecting kids with parents who are in jail is a touchy subject for people, and it is very hard for some people to fathom how that is going to happen. The Securus app works really well in the home that we run because we have kids who are in the system and have parents in jail. We want to make sure that these kids can talk to their parents, and we have been using the tablets that we have in the office to help the kids.

The kids that we have staying with us are going to be able to talk to their parents because we get them on the Securus app to chat. The app is great because we connect in a couple seconds, and we do not have to make the kids wait. That is worst part for me because I use to have kids who were forced to wait.

I think that it was much better for these kids to see their parents on video instead of going to the jail, and I have even had bosses tell me that the kids should not be going to the jail because they would be traumatized.

We are all thankful around here for Securus, and I think that the kids like it the most. They do not even think about it because they get to talk to their parents. We are going to help keep these families going even though they are broken up right now, and we might be able to get them back together in the future. We can see the hope in these kids and parents, and it helps all of us do our work.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.