Finding The Reason Behind The Mention

While there are tons of mentions, there are also tons of reasons and motives behind each mention. One thing that needs to be understood is that even a company that is perfectly pleasing and honest is going to be vulnerable to an attack from someone. For one thing, there are a lot of people that don’t like the success of another person. Therefore, they either look for an opportunity to capitalize on a mistake of the company, or they will even make up a scandal just to bring the client or the company down. There are a lot of reasons behind this.

Among the reasons that people tend to send false complaints about a company include envy, jealousy, and even a misunderstanding that occurred between the customer and the company. Either way, the business owner or individual is left with something that could threaten the well being of his business. As a result, some customers may walk away. This is one of the reasons that people need online reputation management when they build an online presence. As a matter of fact, this should be the first step towards business success. People have to determine what kind of image they want to present to people.

However, people are not going to easily find out what is being said about them if they do not have their reputation assessed. One thing that is certain is that things are going to be said about them. Therefore, it is important to be prepared. One thing that could be done is to build a strong reputation at the beginning. With a strong reputation comes loyal customers. As a result, people will be more willing to defend a company when they hear an obvious lie about the company from someone who is bitter towards the company.


Dick And Betsy DeVos Have A Passion For Helping People

There are many people who give to worthwhile causes. In the world today, there are many causes that people want to help with by providing financial support and personal time. In many ways, philanthropy has become an aspect of society where people are recognized for their giving.


The people who give provide financial support at various levels. Some people give maybe ten or twenty dollars while there are others who give thousands of dollars. For the people who are financially independent and have enormous wealth, there are people who give millions of dollars. The amount of money giving to help with causes, people in need, or other situations is based on multiple things. The main aspect that should be taken from philanthropy is that people give to help where they feel help is needed.


There are no specific causes that people give to regarding financial support. People tend to give to the causes that are important to them personally or professionally. Sometimes people will give to causes outside of their own interest, but the idea of giving to help others has always been done to some degree for generations.


However, in current times, what people give has become more public. There are a variety of reasons for giving becoming more public. One of the main reasons is because of the modern times that people live in where it is easier to find out information and provide it to others.


An individual who has given millions of dollars to causes, organizations, and charities over the years is Dick DeVos. Along with his wife Betsy DeVos, the two have given close to 140 millions dollars to various causes, charities, and organizations. One of the primary areas of interest that Dick and Betsy DeVos have regarding philanthropy is education.


They both have a strong desire to help change the public education system because they feel that the system is lacking in numerous ways. Some of their giving efforts have been towards academic scholarships, building schools, and supporting organizations that want to improve the education system through the use of vouchers and similar methods.


I think that Dick DeVos gives from the heart concerning his philanthropy efforts. He has been able to earn a significant amount of money in his lifetime and along with his family fortune, the amount of money available to him provides the opportunity to help people in many ways.


Dick DeVos has an impressive professional resume. He has accomplished a lot in his career. He has held executive positions at Amway and the Orlando Magic. He is currently the President of the Windquest Group. Dick DeVos is known as an exceptional leader who understands teamwork and how to get positive results. While holding high executive positions in numerous companies, Dick DeVos has always improved the performance of the companies under his leadership.


Jose Bhorghi’s Amazing Career

The Brazilian entertainment industry is full of mind blowing creations. The industry is thriving, and soon it will overtake the US, which many people consider as the most-hyped in the whole world. Behind this highly successful industry in the South American country is a group brilliant and talented individuals. One of them is Jose Borghi, a veteran advertising expert living in Sau Paulo.

Jose Borghi started his advertisement career at a young age. He drew his inspiration from a scenic cinema he attended with his sister while he was in high school. He was mesmerized with how the editors played with the images and graphics to create varying and mind-blowing visuals.

Today, he is one of the most influential advertising executives in the country. He co-owns the Borghi Lowe Advertising Company. Many adverts that have hit the Brazilian TV screens are productions from Borghi Lowe. One of the adverts that largely caught many people’s attention involved children who appeared dressed up like animals as they sang jingles. Another advert involved a mind-blowing motivational visual known as “Love.”

Jose Borghi went to Pontifical Catholic University Campinas where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in media marketing and advertising. He secured his first job as an editor in Standart Ogilvy. He then joined FCB and DM9 to work as a writer. Though there were several challenges, Jose Borghiworked his way to the top advertisement leadership hierarchy. With a desire to make a difference by creating something unique, Jose started Borghi Lowe to help market various brands in the country. With a lot of energy and desire to succeed in business he pumped a lot of money in the business to create brand awareness.

The company has worked with big brands such as Toyota and Nike to promote their products in Brazil through advertisement. Jose Borghi works alongside his business partner Andre Gomes to ensure everything goes on smoothly. Jose continues to make an impact on the Brazilian entertainment industry through adverts. He is a man to reckon based on his talents and courage to try out new techniques using cutting-edge technology. Many people in the country love his work. Many young men and women look up to him for inspiration and direction.

Jose exemplary work has earned him several awards from reputable organizations in the world. He is a proud owner of 14 Lions Cannes and seven awards from the London Festival. In 2009, he was voted the Advertising Professional of Year.

Creating Healthy Water With a Twist

These days, everybody is trying to live a healthier life and do whatever they can to have more energy, feel better, and alleviate many of the physical ailments that are brought on by stress and overexertion. A great deal of physical health is determined by the things that a person chooses to put in their body.

As a result, many people turn to bottled water in order to drink something other than diet soda or juice. Some people decide to drink it because the water that comes out of their tap tastes so bad they can’t hardly stand it or it is filled with so many impurities that it is unhealthy. Learn more about more Waiakea Water:

Whatever their personal reasons might be, almost everyone drinks bottled water at some point during the day, especially when they are trying to get in shape and stay that way.

This virtually guarantees that the bottled water market is successful, but there are varying degrees of success in this market just as there are with virtually everything else.

According to Crunchbase and New You, Ryan Emmons, the co-founder of Waiakea Water in Hawaii, understands a lot about business. In fact, he’s easily one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in existence.

His company has seen a shocking 4,000 percent growth rate since it was started just a few years ago. In a typical year, his business is literally growing by leaps and bounds.

A lot of this is because of his success and skill as an entrepreneur and his ability to understand how business works in a way that few others can exhibit. With that being said, he has started out with a product everyone is in the market for, not just in the United States, but in various locations around the world.

One of the things that truly sets him apart from the competition is the fact that he insists on producing bottled water that is of extremely high-quality. He simply refuses to accept anything less and this is something that his customers have come to expect.

Part of the reason that the company is so successful is because he is easily capable of attracting new customers while simultaneously keeping the customers that he already has. This is accomplished by refusing to compromise the integrity of his company or of his product.

As long as he keeps doing things the way he has been, there is every reason to believe that he will continue to be immensely successful into the future, with little or no signs of slowing down.

The USHealth Group- a Leading Health Insurance Provider in the USA

To start with, we can see that, just by the name US health group, this is an organization that deals specifically with health. As we all know, the health industry comprises of various sections. Among the parts in health care are such as medical insurance among much more. In the case of UShealth group, this is an incorporation that mainly deals in the health insurance sector.

As a medical insurance corporation, the organization is striving to become among the renowned health care choices in America. Since this is a health group, the incorporation has subsidiaries, mainly; The National Foundation Life Insurance Company as well as the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. Through the subsidiary companies, the US health group is set to ensuring that the organization becomes the American People’s choice.

Since the Health Insurance Corporation aims at ensuring that they will become the American people’s choice, they are dedicated to offering quality services. The insurance services that are on offer by the company are such as; provision of Specific Diseases, Disability, Innovative life as well as Accident insurance policies. The beneficiaries of the insurance policies offered by the group are as follows; families, employees, self-employed people and also the health groups employees.

Through the subsidiary insurance companies, the company has been able to offer their services to over 15 million clients. Furthermore, it is evident to note that the US Health group is mainly dedicated to providing quality health insurance services.

When it comes to the insurance policies such as Accident and Specific Diseases, the US health group is well conversant with the fact that each client has their unique needs. By understanding the fact that each customer has their individual needs, the US Health group can promote the fact that they believe in choice. Through the belief in choice, the Health team has a variety of options when it comes to insurance policies. Whenever a client is interested in seeking the services offered by the Insurance Corporation, they always choose the insurance plan that will suit them appropriately.

As a well-established corporation, the US Health group has even established a portfolio of the insurance coverage’s they offer. By doing so, the health team can ensure that customer choice is well promoted. Furthermore, it is evident to note that the US health Group is among the popular health insurance groups. Among the factors that make the US health group stand out as compared to other groups that offer the same services are such as; providing affordable, flexible as well as reliable insurance solutions.

With such a health care insurance, why go further? If you may be in pursuit of quality health insurance as well as quality services, the US Health group is ready to be of service to any interested party.

Professional group:

OSI Group Secures A Top Position Among The Leading Companies In The Global Food Services Industry

Established in 1909 by a German immigrant, OSI Group is food-manufacturing company headquartered in Illinois. OSI Group is an international business entity that works with the leading food brands in the world. This company has branches in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Pacific. Its core values lie in teamwork, integrity, innovation, excellence, and creating long-lasting partnerships. OSI Group pioneers in providing customized food solutions, food safety & quality assurance practices, efficient supply chain, culinary skills, and innovative research that bring forth excellent meal ideas.

Careers at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin serves as the chief executive of OSI Group. This company has over 20,000 employees working in all its branches worldwide. OSI group offers its employees a conducive working environment where they can explore their full potential. The company also rewards its workforce particularly those employees who have excelled in service provision. Passion and innovativeness are the key traits that OSI Group looks for during the recruitment process. This food solutions heavyweight is committed to its employees the same way it is dedicated to its clients.

OSI Group acquires two businesses in 2016

OSI Group recently purchased Baho Foods, a Dutch company that manufactures convenience foods. This acquisition by OSI Group was an attempt to expand its business to Europe. Based on the terms of the purchase, Baho Foods’ team of competent experts would retain their jobs, but they will operate under the management of OSI Group. This company also bought Tyson Foods Plant, a Chicago-based production giant that specializes in meat processing. OSI Group acquired this company for $7.4 million. According to OSI Group’s spokesperson, Alison Kovalevsky, this purchase will offer OSI the proper infrastructure they need to grow and expand their business in the United States.

OSI Group wins the distinguished Globe of Honor Award

In the 2016 financial year, the British Safety Council named OSI Food Solutions as the recipient of Globe of Honor Award UK. OSI Group was given this award following its efforts in maintaining environmental sustainability. This company was among the eighteen companies recognized by the British Safety Council. Lynda Armstrong, a member of the British Safety Council, congratulated OSI Group and the other honorees for winning this prestigious award. Kelly Grimwood, head of OSI Group’s environmental division, received the award from Mike Robinson, the CEO of British Safety Council. According to Grimwood, OSI Group bagged the high-profile award due to its leadership, which inspires its employees to focus on environmental management.


New podcast launches

Norman Pattiz can do it all. He’s been a radio impresario, and now if his latest feat is any indication, he’s successfully transitioned to the internet.


Along with former WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, they’ve signed two big names to launch a podcast geared toward the paranormal crowd. If you’re interested in UFOs, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, devils, demons, space travel, vampires, and more, this podcast is for you.


The show, called “Beyond the Darkness,” is set to make its debut Monday, much to the excitement of paranormal enthusiasts across the country, if not the world. The show will be host by two paranormal experts who have published books and have a wealth of experience in the audio world: Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis.


This is the first time the pair are teaming up, and they look forward to debating supernatural phenomena with each other, to hosting guests with expertise in specific areas of paranormal activity, and ordinary people who have witnessed UFOs, encountered demons, or allege to have experienced space travel.


New episodes of the show will appear every Monday, and Chris Jericho, for one, issued a statement to the media in which he appeared very excited. A big fan of paranormal activity himself, he said that the show was sure to be interesting, but was apprehensive about being creeped out.


The new show is part of the PodcastOne Network, a podcast channel that launched by Norman Pattiz and Chris Jericho. Pattiz, who is to this day the network’s chief operating officer, started the network in 2012, but he always felt it wouldn’t be restricted to the wrestling world, which he saw as a large, but niche, market.


Sure enough, Pattiz carried out his vision. Today, his network is the largest, and most successful advertisement-based podcast network in the country. Millions of listeners tune in each day to listen to podcasters such as Penn Jillette, Adam Carolla, and Jay Mohr—all podcasts that are part of the OnePodcast Network.


Not bad for a guy that was not involved in podcasting at all in 2011. Podcasting has taken off in the last few years, as the shows have become easier and easier to listen to. Younger listeners are loath to listen to the radio now that so many have smartphones. Podcasts allow listeners to listen to what they want when they want. Pattiz was perceptive enough to see this wave and successfully rode it.

Norman Pattiz

Benefits of refinancing auto loan

Everyone takes a loan when they take buy a car. It is the only option for a common consumer as cars are really expensive and people can only afford a car through a loan which they can repay in monthly installments. The arrangement has been great so far and millions of people have purchased their car through this. However, now that the economy has drastically declined and everyone is feeling the credit crunch, things are not that great anymore. If you have bought a car one or two years ago, when the economy was in a good condition, you might have ended up with an installment rate between 7% to 9%. However, now that economy is in a bad condition, people getting car loans might have to pay less than that. Hence, you would end up as a looser paying more for your car loan. However, with the help of auto loan refinancing, you can still win the situation. This would be a perfect answer your request “slash my payments“.



Auto loan refinancing might sound like a new term to you but it is nothing like a rocket science. It is just a simple process of replacing your old car loan with new terms and conditions which suits the current market and your preferences. But don’t be confused between refinancing and a new loan. A new loan could be helpful to get some extra money whereas in refinancing you just simply change the terms and conditions such as rate of interest or loan period. Hence, through refinancing, you can save some money on your monthly installments.



There are some companies who have been providing refinancing solutions at a reasonable price. Keep it in mind that most of the organizations or financial firms will charge you for refinancing. Hence, you should consider everything before you opt for refinancing and save some money. The very first thing that you should consider before calling a refinancing expert is the market condition. If there is a fall in economy and interest rate, you can consider this option. However, it has to be a substantial decrease in the rate. For example, if you took a loan at 8% one year ago, and now the current rate is 5% or 6%, you should definitely go for this. Another thing that you need to consider is the current value of your car. If the car value is less than the loan, then there is no point in going through all these hassles. Next thing you should consider for refinancing is the loan period. If it is less a year, you won’t have any scope to refinance your car loan. However, if everything falls in favor for you, just simply go ahead and refinance your car loan.



You may also contact professional loan advisors from Ignition Financial which is one of the leading firms in the country. They have a dedicated team of experts who will go through your car loan, analyze everything and give you the best refinancing solutions. They also have the Ignition Financial refinance car loan calculator that you can use to understand how much you will save on your car loan installments through their auto loan refinancing solutions.




Get An Accurate Calling Service Agreement That Guarantees Your Inmate Calls

Knowing that you have a reliable network to talk to your loved ones is very important to thousands of inmates and families around the world. A recent Certification 1 has allowed Securus Technologies to expand their services around the globe. They have taken on the initiative that will allow them to train over 1,600+ IT professionals in communications, support, and inmate surveillance. Their highly trained professionals will be equipped to process inmate calls from around the world. Their recent certification has caused them to be one of the largest network providers in the industry, as reported by, PRN Newswire.


Who Is Securus Technologies?


Securus is widely known for being an inmate regulating calling giant that monitors, provides surveillance, and technical support for inmate calls. Over the past year, they have been responsible for processing over 53.4 billion inmate calling minutes as a network provider. They have been proudly serving the inmate calling network for over 25+ years and they are committed to customer service excellency. They offer services that are not offered by their competitors. A fourth quarter audit done by Securus is responsible for catching a few irregularities associated with Global Tel-Link and those inaccuracies were immediately corrected.


Securus Technologies Features


Advanced Pay


Advanced Pay features allow you to purchase inmate phone credits in advance from their website or telephone number. This feature completely eliminates the need to locate an authorized agent.


Video Chat


Vimeo has teamed up with Securus to bring their customers video chat features that allow your loved ones to visit you over the internet when you’re in a correctional facility. You talk over a high definition picture with superior sound.


You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details and promotional offers today.


How to Succeed in Life with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is known around the Dallas area as a philanthropist and a successful venture capitalist. He makes a living by funding other people’s ideas. He has a philosophy that he should not keep all the money he makes for himself but should share with the less fortunate people in the society. When in college, Marc was a C student.

However, this did not deter him from making it in life. He uses his life experience to motivate other people that they can still make it in life despite a poor academic background. Marc Sparks is also an accomplished author. He has published a book called They Can’t Eat You.

s some of his fortunes with the Samaritan Inn that is based in Dallas, Texas. This is a facility that takes care of the homeless people within the area offering them food, shelter, and even clothes. Under his guidance, the facility now offers financial planning as well as career counseling for the less fortunate.

Also, Marc Sparks has made sure that the Samaritan Inn offers health programs and job placement for the homeless people. Marc Sparks has also been involved with the Habitat for Humanity where he has helped them build new homes for the homeless.

Apart from these two organizations, Marc Sparks is a supporter of the America Can! This is a project that is designed to fund poor students from the Dallas area get a good education. With this project, Marc has donated millions of dollars and even laptops.

Marc Sparks has a special interest in the telecommunication industry. Some of his most successful ventures have been in this industry. He also invests in other industries such as the real estate business and venture capitalism.

His most successful ventures include the Blue Jay Wireless as well as the Cardinal Telecom LLC. He has also been involved with the Splash Media. Currently, Marc Sparks is involved with a company called Timber Creek Capital. This is a firm that specializes in helping other companies develop and make wise investment decisions.

His wife has had a major influence in his life. The two are credited with the establishment of the Spark Tank competition. This competition is geared towards funding nonprofit organizations. If the participating organizations can meet the standards set by the organizers, they stand to win a funding of $ 5000.

Marc Sparks advises the young people willing to venture into entrepreneurship to have unique ideas and products. He also advises them to believe in their products.