Jason Hope Watches as the Internet of Things Takes Shape

For hundreds of years science fiction writers have dreamed of a future where technology has taken over everything in some way or another. Now, we can safely say, we are living in that future. The Internet of Things is here and it is time to embrace it as much as possible. The Internet of Things is a term made popular by futurist and tech entrepreneur Jason Hope. The Internet of Things is a term that more specifically references the way in which our world is becoming connected to the internet. From our shoes, to our watches, all the way up to actual airplanes — the internet is now part of our life. Jason Hope turned to the airline industry to most emphatically make this point.

The airline industry may have problems with their PR but don’t for an instant think that they aren’t the best in the world at what they do — thanks to the Internet of Things. Airline travel has continually become safer and safer and is now one of the safest ways you can travel in the world. That’s amazing! It is due in large part to the fact that airlines have embraced the Internet of Things in a complete way. Airlines now use the Internet of Things to ensure that their planes are running at absolutely their peak performance.

Virgin Atlantic has their Boeing 787’s completely wired up to the internet. Analysts and airline professionals will know the instant that anything, anywhere, goes wrong on their plane — this is huge. Jason Hope points out that this kind of networked connectivity is going to spread to the rest of our life, as well, thanks to the Internet of Things.Jason Hope has done a bunch with his career as a writer, futurist, and tech based entrepreneur. His work with the SENS Foundation is honing in on a variety of different industries in our future including the healthcare field and the Internet of THings.