How to Succeed in Life with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is known around the Dallas area as a philanthropist and a successful venture capitalist. He makes a living by funding other people’s ideas. He has a philosophy that he should not keep all the money he makes for himself but should share with the less fortunate people in the society. When in college, Marc was a C student.

However, this did not deter him from making it in life. He uses his life experience to motivate other people that they can still make it in life despite a poor academic background. Marc Sparks is also an accomplished author. He has published a book called They Can’t Eat You.

s some of his fortunes with the Samaritan Inn that is based in Dallas, Texas. This is a facility that takes care of the homeless people within the area offering them food, shelter, and even clothes. Under his guidance, the facility now offers financial planning as well as career counseling for the less fortunate.

Also, Marc Sparks has made sure that the Samaritan Inn offers health programs and job placement for the homeless people. Marc Sparks has also been involved with the Habitat for Humanity where he has helped them build new homes for the homeless.

Apart from these two organizations, Marc Sparks is a supporter of the America Can! This is a project that is designed to fund poor students from the Dallas area get a good education. With this project, Marc has donated millions of dollars and even laptops.

Marc Sparks has a special interest in the telecommunication industry. Some of his most successful ventures have been in this industry. He also invests in other industries such as the real estate business and venture capitalism.

His most successful ventures include the Blue Jay Wireless as well as the Cardinal Telecom LLC. He has also been involved with the Splash Media. Currently, Marc Sparks is involved with a company called Timber Creek Capital. This is a firm that specializes in helping other companies develop and make wise investment decisions.

His wife has had a major influence in his life. The two are credited with the establishment of the Spark Tank competition. This competition is geared towards funding nonprofit organizations. If the participating organizations can meet the standards set by the organizers, they stand to win a funding of $ 5000.

Marc Sparks advises the young people willing to venture into entrepreneurship to have unique ideas and products. He also advises them to believe in their products.