Tony Petrello Once Again Goes Above And Beyond For His Community

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas is in 2017, so many residents homes were ruined, and lives were tragically disrupted. For the CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello, it was not a difficult decision to rally his employees to help assist in the recovery efforts. Through Tony Petrellos’ leadership, Nabors Industries, a local drilling company, stepped up to have a positive impact on the recovery efforts in the Houston area.

Tony Petrello was able to guide his employees and company to help the victims recover through various activities. Immediately after the storm, employees were given paid time off to go and provide assistance where volunteers were needed to help rebuild in the community. In addition to providing paid time off, Petrello set up a matching program called Nabors Disaster Relief Fund which was established to raise money for on the ground relief efforts in the neighborhoods impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The employees of Nabors Industries raised $173,622, and then Tony Petrello stepped up and matched the employee contributions. Finally, Nabors Industries were able to help provide hot meals to families by opening up their on-site kitchen to be used to produce hot meals for hurricane victims three times a day.

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Although Tony Petrello was initially from New Jersey, he now considers Houston his home. It came as no surprise to Texas residents, that Tony was quick to step to the plate and provide generous assistance to the community in the aftermath of the hurricane. Both Tony and his wife Cynthia are well known in the Houston area for their philanthropic giving to local causes. One of Tony and Cynthia’s most significant donations was $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital for the research of childhood neurological disorders. In addition to the contribution, Tony was asked to serve on the Board of Directors with a focus on fundraising efforts. Research to find a cure for childhood neurological disorders is a cause close to their hearts as their daughter Carena was born with a disorder and they are dedicated to working with the hospital to help Carena and other children.

Tony and Cynthia also believe education is a critical area to provide assistance. While Tony attended the prestigious Yale University, his professor Professor Serge Lang had a significant impact on him. After the professors passing, Tony and Cynthia donated $150,000 to the endowment fund and then an additional $150,000 to match the generous donations of fellow Yale graduates.

Tony joined Nabor Industries back in 1991 and has been an integral part of the company growth ever since. Tony believes community outreach and charitable giving are an essential part of Nabor Industries and he looks forward to the continued business and philanthropic growth.


Equaling the Educational Playfield and Striving for Educational Quality for Everyone: Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos didn’t start out with the reform agenda she now advocates today as the new Secretary of Education. It was her experiences as a mom and as advocate for low income families in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area that spurred the interest in education reform. She noticed that many of the students she met didn’t have the same opportunities that her children had in school.

When DeVos talked to the parents of these students she realized that many desired quality education for their children. The tuition at quality schools was way out of reach. The parents also expressed their feelings that the public educational system failed their children. DeVos wanted to help these parents out of their financial situations and give them freedom to choose schools. DeVos started researching possibilities and learned about school choice.

School choice has been around for centuries in one form or another. Compulsory education and the public school system only have been around since the 1840s. When it was first implemented public compulsory education targeted low and middle class families that couldn’t afford to send their students to school. In other words compulsory education allowed children who didn’t have access to education opportunity to have it without cost. It was and still is a good way to get a basic education. Check this related article from

Unfortunately the quality of education decreased over the years due to a variety of factors. Students who lived in an increasingly urban area suffered the most. Betsy DeVos realized this while working with low income families in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She understood from talking with parents and from the input she received that the educational play field was lopsided against students that come from low income and urban areas.

It was her philosophy from then on to provide accessibility to those students to excel in the school of their choice. She understood then that educational reform needed to move forward to give student opportunities they couldn’t have in the public school system.

It has been an important component for DeVos to equalize the educational playfield by opening up new educational opportunities for everyone. She knew that giving control of their child’s education back to their parents would enhance educational opportunities.

DeVos hopes that the educational reform agenda that she touts will resonate with parents of school age students across the country. She believes that quality educational choices shouldn’t be hampered by where the child lives. New technological advances and the advent of cyber schools make it even easier for children to get a quality education no matter where they live. DeVos feels that students and their parents should have every opportunity to get the education they deserve. Visit to know more about their foundation.

Dick And Betsy DeVos Have A Passion For Helping People

There are many people who give to worthwhile causes. In the world today, there are many causes that people want to help with by providing financial support and personal time. In many ways, philanthropy has become an aspect of society where people are recognized for their giving.


The people who give provide financial support at various levels. Some people give maybe ten or twenty dollars while there are others who give thousands of dollars. For the people who are financially independent and have enormous wealth, there are people who give millions of dollars. The amount of money giving to help with causes, people in need, or other situations is based on multiple things. The main aspect that should be taken from philanthropy is that people give to help where they feel help is needed.


There are no specific causes that people give to regarding financial support. People tend to give to the causes that are important to them personally or professionally. Sometimes people will give to causes outside of their own interest, but the idea of giving to help others has always been done to some degree for generations.


However, in current times, what people give has become more public. There are a variety of reasons for giving becoming more public. One of the main reasons is because of the modern times that people live in where it is easier to find out information and provide it to others.


An individual who has given millions of dollars to causes, organizations, and charities over the years is Dick DeVos. Along with his wife Betsy DeVos, the two have given close to 140 millions dollars to various causes, charities, and organizations. One of the primary areas of interest that Dick and Betsy DeVos have regarding philanthropy is education.


They both have a strong desire to help change the public education system because they feel that the system is lacking in numerous ways. Some of their giving efforts have been towards academic scholarships, building schools, and supporting organizations that want to improve the education system through the use of vouchers and similar methods.


I think that Dick DeVos gives from the heart concerning his philanthropy efforts. He has been able to earn a significant amount of money in his lifetime and along with his family fortune, the amount of money available to him provides the opportunity to help people in many ways.


Dick DeVos has an impressive professional resume. He has accomplished a lot in his career. He has held executive positions at Amway and the Orlando Magic. He is currently the President of the Windquest Group. Dick DeVos is known as an exceptional leader who understands teamwork and how to get positive results. While holding high executive positions in numerous companies, Dick DeVos has always improved the performance of the companies under his leadership.