New podcast launches

Norman Pattiz can do it all. He’s been a radio impresario, and now if his latest feat is any indication, he’s successfully transitioned to the internet.


Along with former WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, they’ve signed two big names to launch a podcast geared toward the paranormal crowd. If you’re interested in UFOs, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, devils, demons, space travel, vampires, and more, this podcast is for you.


The show, called “Beyond the Darkness,” is set to make its debut Monday, much to the excitement of paranormal enthusiasts across the country, if not the world. The show will be host by two paranormal experts who have published books and have a wealth of experience in the audio world: Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis.


This is the first time the pair are teaming up, and they look forward to debating supernatural phenomena with each other, to hosting guests with expertise in specific areas of paranormal activity, and ordinary people who have witnessed UFOs, encountered demons, or allege to have experienced space travel.


New episodes of the show will appear every Monday, and Chris Jericho, for one, issued a statement to the media in which he appeared very excited. A big fan of paranormal activity himself, he said that the show was sure to be interesting, but was apprehensive about being creeped out.


The new show is part of the PodcastOne Network, a podcast channel that launched by Norman Pattiz and Chris Jericho. Pattiz, who is to this day the network’s chief operating officer, started the network in 2012, but he always felt it wouldn’t be restricted to the wrestling world, which he saw as a large, but niche, market.


Sure enough, Pattiz carried out his vision. Today, his network is the largest, and most successful advertisement-based podcast network in the country. Millions of listeners tune in each day to listen to podcasters such as Penn Jillette, Adam Carolla, and Jay Mohr—all podcasts that are part of the OnePodcast Network.


Not bad for a guy that was not involved in podcasting at all in 2011. Podcasting has taken off in the last few years, as the shows have become easier and easier to listen to. Younger listeners are loath to listen to the radio now that so many have smartphones. Podcasts allow listeners to listen to what they want when they want. Pattiz was perceptive enough to see this wave and successfully rode it.

Norman Pattiz