Kate Hudson and Fabletics Work Hard to Make Customers Happy

Fabletics is a revolutionary new way to order athleisure-wear which is the hot new trend these days. You may not have heard of athleisure-wear, but you’ve seen it! Athleisure-wear is simply workout gear that is acceptable to wear in public! This includes leggings, sports bras, tanks, and bandanas. It’s the hot new trend where people can run errands, grab lunch, and hit the gym in their workout clothing. This trend of clothing has recently been made popular by Fabletics.


Fabletics is a clothing brand that is available online and now in brick-and-mortar stores. Fabletics operates as a subscription-based service. Members can sign up and in return, receive discounts on tons of cute clothing! Each month, they can decide to choose an outfit that’s personalized to fit their style or they can pass. There are no hidden fees involved with their business. Fabletics invites users to take a “Lifestyle Quiz.” This helps Fabletics determine which clothing style is best suited for a person’s needs. They answer questions by choosing a style of clothing they like, a pattern, and by saying what they predominantly do for a work out whether it’s the gym, a class, or something more leisurely like walking.


According to the Huffington Post, Fabletics is having great success thanks to the power of the crowd. This means that people are taking to the internet and especially social media to post rave reviews of the brand. They’re showcasing off their clothing, sharing their feelings, and in turn influencing many more people. This is great news for Fabletics. People put a lot of stake in what other people think about a brand. Many won’t buy a product without hearing from other people just how good it is. That’s why so many businesses take to heart what their consumers say. Fabletics is no different. They want people to leave positive reviews because they want people to be happy, have confidence in their clothing, and show off to the world what they’re wearing.


One person who likes to show off Fabletics is Kate Hudson herself! According to Forbes, Hudson is the first person that Fabletics wanted when they first started off! That’s because they noted how she was charming, lived an active lifestyle, and she had what it takes to connect with consumers. Today, it’s obvious that this worked! Fabletics has enjoyed rapid growth since day one and Hudson has been involved every step of the way.


Hudson has been an integral part in choosing the social media strategy. Social media like Facebook and Instagram have been a blessing on Fabletics journey. They post advertisements, run pages, and connect with consumers that way. Hudson has been adamant from day one about being open and honest with customers. She works hard to make sure that all those who use Fabletics, are satisfied. Fabletics now has a top rating from the Better Business Bureau!


Overall, Fabletics is continuing to grow because they are willing to take chances. Their subscription model is unlike any others and that’s what is appealing to people.