Save On Heating And Cooling With These Tips From Goettl

One way to save on heating and cooling costs according to Goettl is by installing what is known as a radiant barrier in your home. You can install a radiant barrier such as a special foil between attic floors and insulation. The radiant barrier helps lock the heat in the attic during the hot months. During winter it prevents warm air from rising into the attic.

If your house has lots of windows and you live in a sunny and warm climate, consider applying some window tint to them. The tint will help deflect sunlight which can warm up your home. Filling in cracks that lead to drafts is also a good idea. Use sealants and door sweeps to keep cold or warm air from seeping into your home. You can also apply weather strips and insulation on or around windows, doors, in basements and in attics. All of this will help to keep your house better insulated. The better insulated your home is the less your heating and cooling bill will be.

You might be tempted to forego replacing your old HVAC unit because of steep replacement costs. However, old HVAC systems tend to have high operating costs. They also don’t do a very good or effective job at heating and cooling your home. If you get a new HVAC unit, you will save money on operating costs because they will be more efficient. You may also qualify for some tax credits and can also apply for month to month financing if you cannot pay right away.

Goettl is an HVAC repair and installation company that was founded in the early 1900s by the Goettl brothers. According to Crunchbase, today the company services thousands of clients and employs hundreds of people across the United States. The company continues to provide expert repair and installation service of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as plumbing services now. Follow Goettl on Facebook.