Meet the Everest Group CEO: Vinod Gupta

The entrepreneurship world is for those who believe in themselves and are strong enough to get past all the discouraging comments on the way. The most important thing to know in the entrepreneurship world is that the power is in your hands. Vinod Gupta is among the most prominent investors in the world, for hais ability to transform a $100 loan to an empire valued at $680 million.

How you spend your day determines how your future will be, we plan for tomorrow today. Vinod Gupta clearly understands this. He, therefore, spends his time focusing on the factors that will affect his company in the future. This is a very smart move that young business people should emulate. Obsessing over the minor factors of the business is unhealthy. Vinod Gupta has been able to focus on the longevity of the firm through task delegation. He has trained his employees enough to handle the daily activities of the business. He trusts them and does not micromanage them.

After success, many people forget their roots and focus on getting more. However, Vinod Gupta remembers his humble beginnings in India. He also remembers his father teaching him how important education is in life.

For this reason, he has been supporting the empowerment of women through education in the state. He donated $1 million to help in the growth and development of Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic. This will help more women in the country secure their degrees and get a chance to have jobs in the corporate world. The Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic makes it possible for the women to acquire their degrees in a small span of two years.

Vinod Gupta has not forgotten the young girls. He is starting a well-equipped girl’s school to ensure they acquire quality education. He will be buying the school buses and other necessities.

How Quality Foods Are Manufactured At OSI Industries

OSI Industries prides itself in top notch food production and distribution coming from over a century of success. Whenever you visit a restaurant like McDonald’s or Burger King, there’s a good chance the food you ate was made and shipped by OSI Industries since they’ve been one of the main suppliers to these fast food restaurants. They have a variety of clients from small supermarket owners to major franchise corporations that order raw or already prepared foods from OSI Industries, and foods they serve include poultry specials like crispy tenders and chicken nuggets, steaks, already made pizzas, sub sandwiches and sides to go with them like fries and vegetables. OSI Industries has many operations that make its food products top quality from its processing departments to its food engineering and research and development centers.

When OSI Industries began, it was a small butcher shop in a quaint neighborhood of Chicago owned by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. The Kolschowsky’s valued this butcher shop greatly and kept it open all the way through the Great Depression and soon built it into a big local processing plant. They named this family company of theirs Otto & Sons and it grew in the amount of customers it served. It’s first major client was McDonald’s who chose Otto & Sons to supply its burgers, but this also meant that Otto & Sons was going to need to start more plants so that they could meet the extra demands of the new big fast food chain. Sheldon Lavin then came to Otto & Sons and helped obtain loans and other financing deals, and in time he became the company CEO.

After the Kolschowsky sons officially retired from the business and Lavin and President David McDonald took control of the company, Otto & Sons became OSI Industries and opened its first foreign operating center in Germany. From there it was just a matter of time until it reached around the globe from the UK to China, and today it holds 50 plants in 17 countries. OSI Industries may operate globally, but it doesn’t dictate things from a big central headquarters in Chicago. For each company they acquire, they still usually give that company a lot of independence and supply extra resources to them, and also they give currently employed managers and plant workers precedence in job retention. OSI Industries has accomplished so much in worker safety including being honored by the British Safety Council with the Globe of Honour, and their philanthropic wing staunchly backs the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Sentient AI – Conversion Rate

When it comes to online business it seems like the competition is gaining a bigger edge every year because of the advancement of technology that allows companies to give their customers more things such as customization, beautiful websites, and free shipping. With all of these perks that companies are giving to keep those customers coming back to them your online company needs to be at the top of the field to earn the most profit. Your company does not have to have the best prices or be the biggest company in your field, but you do need to have a great conversion rate that will earn you profit now and in the long term. The conversion rate is everything. That is why you should consider using a sentient AI that can help you today in boosting your conversion rate to the best that it can be so that you can earn a lot of profit from your online store.


With sentient AI you can be assured that you have a beautiful, easy to use website that will attract new customers and ensure that the customer base that your online store has now will return to your online store. AI can change the layout of the website to ensure that your website looks the best that it can look, and also change the routes of finding your products easy because when it comes to how many websites are out there selling your same products if the customer takes a lot of time to find the product that they want on your website they will surely go to a competitor where they can buy the product very fast. AI can also build search engines for your website so that your customers can quickly find the products that they want to buy. The other thing that customers want is the ability to easily buy on mobile devices such as their smartphones and from tablets. This is key since more and more people are buying from these devices.

When you need an edge over your competitors feel free to use sentient AI because it will get you a much bigger conversion rate and will give you chances of success for your online store improve so much that your chances of making a profit in your industry will greatly improve. Sentient AI is the employee that you do not have to pay a wage and does not have to take breaks.