People Can Reward Themselves With Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping

With Manaira Shopping from Roberto Santiago, one can literally reward himself beyond his imagination. As a matter of fact, one can buy a new life with the mall if he takes the time to look around for what they want. It doesn’t matter how much money he makes because the mall has something that people of all income brackets can enjoy. This is one thing that makes it a very fun and safe place for everyone. People who work lower paying jobs do not have to worry about going to different stores only to find out that they can’t afford anything that is available.

When people see lower prices, among the things they are going to expect is that the products are made with lower quality materials. However, this is not true when it comes to the shops at Manaira Shopping mall. For instance, there are stores that sell some high fashion and trendy products. These products are sold at a lower price. However, they are very nice to look at as well as well fitting. This makes the products very comfortable because of the material. Also, people are able to use a lot of creativity in putting together a look that they are going to enjoy. Read more on

Another thing that people will be amazed at is the movie theater. These theaters have screens that are very big. It is as if they have gone to a premium theater. However, they are not paying more than the usual price of admission. This makes it one of the best deals for people who want to just enjoy some kind of entertainment.

Manaira Shopping is an escape for people that feel very tired of the same old daily routine. After all, the daily routine can be very tiring at best. It can be excruciatingly painful at worst. People need change. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the best changes that people could receive when they decide to make the trip. To go along with how unique the mall is, there are plenty of staff members as well as security guards that are there to make sure that it is going to be a safe time for them. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho.

The Progress of InnovaCare Health under the Leadership of Rick Shinto

What comes to your mind when someone mentions a company? The majority of people think about the firm’s vision and leadership. Leadership plays a significant role in the growth and success of a business. It can make or break an organization. The process of choosing the right leaders can be quite challenging.

InnovaCare Health (ICH) is lucky to have leaders that are visionary and results-oriented. The company understands that good leaders should not only have knowledge and skills but also experience in management and teamwork. ICH appointed its new leaders in July 2016.

ICH’s CEO and President, Rick Shinto, announced that Penelope Kokkinedes was going to be part of the company’s leadership. CEO Rick is a great leader himself and that may be part of the reason he was chosen to announce the new leaders. Contact details available at

Before Dr. Shinto joined Innovacare Health, he worked at Aveta Inc as the company’s chief executive officer and president. He attended the University of Redlands, where he earned his M.B.A. He also has a medical degree.

Penelope is currently the CAO of ICH. She worked at Centerlight HealthCare before she began working at Innovacare. She was the company’s chief operations officer and EVP. Her work at Centerlight was to manage the care department. She holds a B.A in Biological Sciences. Penelope’s educational portfolio also includes a master’s degree. She studied for her post master’s degree at the New York University. Penelope also has a master’s degree in Public health that she obtained from the Columbia University.

Info on InnovaCare Health

ICH is a leading healthcare firm located in North America. It mainly uses two resources to offer various managed health care solutions. These resources are the Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks. InnovaCare creates economical and manageable models using advanced technology. This enables them to offer quality health care solution. ICH’s mission is to make the health care management sector better. Additionally, the company intends to resolve various health care challenges that their clients face.

InnovaCare focuses on building strong relationships between healthcare institutions and patients. They prioritize on values and believe that the patient should come first. Providers shouldn’t focus only on their profits. Their responsibility is to provide great medical care services. Building a good patient-provider relationship is good because it helps companies like ICH to get healthier results. The primary goal of a provider should be to improve the quality of life. Visit their website at

Lifeline Screening Makes Preventive Screening Quick And Easy

Lifeline Screening offers many different screenings for the individual. Preventive screenings is not only important as one ages, but becomes more relevant if your family history shows that your risk factors for cancer, heart or other issues are greater than other individuals.

Though Lifeline Screening offers many different types of screenings, a sampling of the simplicity of the tests can more than encourage an individual to get the screenings they need.

Lifeline Screening offer individuals 3 different types of preventive health screenings. These types of screening include:

Ultrasound screenings
Finger-stick Blood Screenings
Limited Electrocardiograph

All may seem familiar too you, however, you may be surprised by what each of these screenings can do. The ultrasound can be used not only during pregnancy to show the growing fetus, it is now used for abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery, peripheral arterial and bone density screenings.

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The FDA-approved method of finger-stick blood screenings is quick and easy. The soft pad of the finger is pricked to retrieve a few drops of blood, and within 10 minutes, you will be able to see the results. Are the results lab-accurate? Yes. In fact, many hospital, insurance and pharmaceutical companies utilize this type of screening to determine the following:

Lipids (cholesterol breakdown).
Glucose (Measurement of diabetes risk by determining how much sugar is in your blood).
C-reactive protein (indicator for possible cardiovascular problems).
Elevated liver enzymes (determines level of ALT and AST liver enzymes).

To detect an irregular heartbeat, a limited electrocardiograph is used. This test can help to catch abnormalities that you may not be aware of and possibly prevent a stroke.

With the help of these screenings, you will know your numbers and give you and your doctor a heads up on what you need to work on to keep your body healthy.

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Photoshoot With Kim Dao And Yuki

Beauty YouTuber Kim Dao has grown in popularity over the years. When you watch videos like “Yuki’s Photoshoot & Dinner with boyfriend | Kim Dao,” you can see why so many people enjoy Kim’s entertaining vlogs.


At the start of this vlog, Kim Dao explains that she is going to get a photoshoot done with her Pomeranian named Yuki. Kim just bought a Pikachu outfit for Yuki, and Kim says that she is going to wear Pikachu-themed clothes in the photoshoot as well.


Kim Dao has an absolutely fabulous photoshoot with Yuki. Both are dressed up in cute Pikachu outfits and Kim says she got some great photos from the session.


Once both Kim Dao and Yuki have finished their photoshoot, they head on over to the FurBaby Boutique and Café. Kim tells her viewers that she is going to meet up with a friend while she lets Yuki play with some of the other dogs at the pet café.


When she arrives at the dog café, Kim purchases a few dog treats for Yuki and an avocado chicken sandwich for herself. When she gives Yuki a donut shaped treat, Yuki doesn’t really seem to enjoy it at first. As the video goes on, Yuki eventually starts munching on her treat.


Later in the day, Kim Dao heads home and lets Yuki rest. Kim Dao says she plans on doing a ton of work editing her videos while she has the free time.


At the end of the video, Kim goes to a fancy restaurant with her boyfriend Eric. She gets the risotto dish and her boyfriend gets a steak. They also get a brioche for dessert.


Why George Soros Continues To Pour Money into Politics

George Soros is a man that likes to take risks. Risky currency trades is how he amassed an estimated $24.9 billion fortune which he uses to make a difference in the lives of the marginalized on a global scale. It seems that at the age of 86, the son of Hungarian Jews is still bravely willing to take huge risks, something he learned to do while fleeing Hungary, and working various jobs in order to pay his way through the London School of Economics before establishing his own hedge fund in 1969. According to Forbes, he is the 29th richest person in the world, and the 19th richest in the US.

Soros is an outspoken business leader but his passion for democracy and his blatant dislike of Republican policies has brought him praise and criticism. The backlash he received during and after the 2004 presidential campaign – in which he personally spent a staggering $27 million – only to have then Senator John Kerry narrowly lose to President George W. Bush left Soros disillusioned enough to consider never throwing big money into politics again.

The business mogul turned his money and message towards his Open Society foundation (which works to spread democracy in Eastern European countries, and expand education and health care internationally) and helped create the Democracy Alliance (a think tank that focuses on long-term battles such as big money in politics, climate change and income inequality). Visit to know more about George.

A Politico article states that he has voiced concerns over campaign laws that allow the rich too much influence in politics, citing an operative that says Soros believes is “odious for any one individual to throw too much political weight around through donations,” a sentiment some of his critics found ironic.

He may very well have kept that position had Donald Trump not thrown his hat into the political spectrum. Soros has made the fact that he is not a fan of the real estate tycoon clear; he believes his fearmongering works in ISIS’s favor and finds him to be a threat to the environment, civil liberties, and immigration reform.

Despite the unpleasantries of the 2004 campaign and donation concerns, George Soros, a man that thrives off of taking risks, brought his name and money into the 2016 campaign by committing $25 million to his friend of 25-years, Hillary Clinton, and other Democratic interests. His willingness to give so generously enticed other well-heeled donors such as hedge funder Don Sussman, environmentalist Tom Steyer, and others to back democrats running for office. Funnily enough, this fervent supporter of Democratic policies has never attended the Democratic convention but is clearly willing to continue pouring money behind his beliefs. Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.

The Safety Securus Technologies Brings To The Community

Numerous comments have been posted regarding Securus Technologies by the officials in the jails and prisons from all over the United States. These comments speak of the use of technology to prevent and solve crimes pertaining to the inmates.


These emails and letters are a reflection of Securus Technologies dedication to keeping inmates, their friends and families and society in general safe. Quite simply Securus serves and protects the community and I do feel safer knowing they are so adept at protecting the safety of individuals.


In one particular correspondence a reference was made to a case being solved because the technology Securus uses enabled a search warrant to be obtained from a phone call. This led to the arrest of a corrupt member of staff who was illegally introducing contraband into the system. I believe the technology employed by Securus is outstanding.


There were additional calls monitored that had information about inmates using and selling drugs and alcohol within the facility. Other calls spoke of threats, shots fired, selling prescription drugs and accessing cellular devices. I think it is marvelous Securus was able to control and stop these actions. There is no doubt in my mind they are devoted as well as efficient.


Securus has been providing solutions for more than ten years with the use of impressive technology. They have greatly improved the security in pour prisons and jails with a combination of an investigative mindset and the proper tools. When threats are made against our communities we know Securus is there to investigate and protect us.


Numerous suspects have been taken into custody regarding covert operations, drugs, shootings, contraband, threats and violence. Securus understands technology is the answer and is devoted in their field. They work with the Sheriffs department and law enforcement to recover millions of dollars in illegal assets. Without their help and technology I do not believe many of these crimes would have been solved.

Tammy Mazzocco Takes over Real Estate Glory in Ohio

Day in day out people are buying and selling houses. Different designs and tastes have cropped up, and so is the clientele. More young people are now out shopping for homes and this calls for a very productive, flexible and conscious person to remain successful in providing clients with homes and apartments of their dreams. Tammy Mazzocco has passed the test of time. Having registered as a licensed real estate agent in 1995, she has served this industry for over 20 years. In this period, she has managed to be the household name and brand in several states of Ohio.

Tammy’s success story is unimaginable; the chances are that she even didn’t think she would get to that position. Working as a sectary at Edwards Realty Company, which is a commercial real estate firm, Tammy got the opportunity to be exposed to all the methods and techniques used in the real estate business. She worked closely with Mike Zelnik who helped her cultivate interest in real estate as a business. She learned and developed interest in real estate, and by the year 1999, Tammy had already established deep roots: she never turned back again. Before starting her real estate business as an agent, Tammy had worked at Scotland Yard owned by Ken Cook who was also very instrumental in encouraging her to be licensed. She worked here for seven years and later moved to T&R Properties where she got a chance to expand her experience. It is while here that Tammy managed apartment complexes and office warehouse blocks.

Among the things that have made Tammy Mazzocco the strong pillar of the community in the real estate sector are good research and a feasible business plan. She believes in remaining focused, setting goals and breaking them down so that they can easily and efficiently be achieved. She is known for valuing clients’ time and investment as her own. This makes her the best choice for most customers since she has their interest at heart. Tammy’s ratings are always high as it can be seen on her trulia profile. The people of Ohio are happy with her expertise and her social and warm personality.

Tammy is not just a businesswoman, she is also a married and happy lady. From her Facebook profile, it is clear that she lives a balanced life. Among the states where she provides her services include Delaware, Franklin and Central Ohio among others.

Check out her tumblr account.

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Breaking Into An Industry Like EOS Has

One of the issues that entrepreneurs have to deal with is how they are going to break into the industry. For one thing, a lot of industries and markets are saturated. While there is always going to be room for one to break into the market, it is important for one to find the gap. One must also take the time to look at all of the methods that could be used in order to bring in the sales. One of the best things for a marketer to do is offer something that has not been offered before. It also has to be beneficial in ways that make it better than other products on the market.

Evolution of Smooth has decided to break into the lip balm market. As described by Fast Company, this market has been monopolized by Chapstick for the long time. However, since Chapstick has exclusive control of the market, this has given it very little reason to make some updates to the product line. The benefits were good for the time it was first released. However, there is always a need to make improvements to the products so that it could provide better treatment to dry lips. EOS lip balm has looked for ways that it can provide treatment to women in ways that blow Chapstick out of the water.

One of the things that EOS has done was take a look at the current lip balm products. Then the professionals have taken the time to note down all of the issues that come with the product. They have noticed a lot of improvements that could be made. They then took their notes and decided to invent their own product that outshines Chapstick in every way. They used Facebook and other social media platforms to advertise. They have also looked at the types of people that buy lip balm. Of course it is the women who have shown themselves to be concerned with the condition of their lips.

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Bob Reina Goes For Victory

Bob Reina has always believed in preparation. He believes that the more that someone is prepared for something, the better suited they will be in the long run. That is why when he founded and created Talk Fusion ten years ago, he had a clear vision for what he wanted to do with the company.

He knew he did not just want this to be any old company out there. He wanted it to be a company that was going to make an impact and a powerful one at that. He was not looking to start something that was run of the mill or ordinary. That is not his style.

According to Crunchbase, with Talk Fusion, he had the clear vision to see that this could be the kind of company that could change people’s lives and change them for the better. He knew a lot of people were stuck and very, very unhappy. This broke Bob Reina’s heart.

He didn’t like to see that or hear about it. He wanted to give people options and give them the chance to take back their lives. That is a great feeling when someone regains their life and they are the ones in control of it and driving the car that is their lives.

With Talk Fusion, that is entirely possible. For example, they are a two-time award winning company in the year 2016. They won two awards in the same calendar year for their work in improving their voice, data, and chat.

People in the industry are noticing as well as the customers. They love the fact they can send out video newsletters and video emails to let people know what is going on with their business or their brand. This is the way of the 21st century, where people are running their own business and doing it quite successfully.

That is because of Talk Fusion and because of their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the craft. They realize they have been given a second chance in their lives when many do not get that, and they do not want to waste it as they wish to make the most of it.

Steps Taken By Nationwide Tile Clearing (NTC) to Resolve Title Defects

Many investors and property owners in the real estate sector have constantly faced the title defects issue. They believe that title faults lead to incorrect foreclosures and cause transaction stagnation, particularly in the secondary market. The Nationwide Title Clearing’s managing principals have emphasized that property records guarantee a clear title transfer and lower the risks of buyback or wrongful foreclosure. NTC, a premier firm that offers document processing and exceptional research services to the financial and mortgage sector, has availed simple steps for securing property reports. The company has availed an updated website that comprises of thousands of property reports.


Factors that make titles invalid


Title defect can arise when several individuals or entities are claiming ownership of a particular property owned by somebody else. Inconsistency or improper wording in the document can render a title invalid. Other causes of title errors range from declining or omitting signatures of an individual or an entity associated with the property, availability of former liens, to improper recording or filing.


The CEO of NTC, Mr. John Hillman, emphasizes the importance of solving the title defects prior to selling or transferring properties. NTC is spurring the growth of mortgage sector by uploading property reports on its website. Clients can obtain these reports through online ordering. Customers are likely to find reports such as Assignment Verification Report Services, Tax Status Report, Encumbrance Report, and Special Tax Status Report. NTC has availed reports for all residential properties.


About NTC


Nationwide Tile Clearing (NTC) is a center of property audit, research, and document processing. This facility prepares property documents on behalf of servicers, leading investors, lenders, and property owners. It avails a favorable work environment to its team of talented researchers and operations management leaders. Apart from 2013, NTC has held the designation Tampa Bay Times Top 100 Workplace from 2011 to 2016. The facility runs Palm Harbor-situated five-building campus. Since its launch in 1991, NTC has become the trusted provider of lien release.


The primary aim of NTC is to offer the highest level of precision in research and document processing solutions, which safeguard the interests of homeowners and streamline the mortgage-banking sector while protecting the land records of the nation. NTC focuses on becoming an asset to the residents of Tampa Bay and participates in expanding the businesses and economy of the region. It supports charitable organizations and projects, such as feeding Tampa Bay, Toys for Tots, and Suncoast YMCA.


For updates, follow NTC on Twitter.