The Skin Wax Gamers Will Love

When the President of WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange), Malcolm CasSelle, thinks about the future of his company he cannot help but be enthusiastic. His business is positioned correctly to exploit one of the critical drivers of the electronic gaming industry. Namely the ability to tout your status to other players in a given game.


Gamers show off by purchasing skins. A skin is a virtual item which players can introduce into a game as part of their in-game personalities. The price of these accessories can vary from a few cents to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Mind you these skins are only digital creations. Some of the skins are hard to achieve and highly coveted. So much so that gamers are willing to pay real world money to own them.


Therein lies Mr. Caselle’s business. The value of turnover in-game skins is $50 billion annually. Up to now it was centralized marketplaces such as OPSkins, the parent company of Mr. Caselles company, which acted as reliable intermediaries between buyers and sellers of game skins. Businesses like OPSkins and others made it possible for players to exchange payment for skins using an in-game virtual currency which could be purchased using:


  • credit cards
  • eWallets
  • coupon codes
  • Bitcoin


Players could buy game skins brand new or purchase them on the secondary market at an agreed price from one another. However, you could not withdraw earnings in real cash. Not even your Bitcoin. That was a problem of sorts.


The tech-savvy managers of OPSkins decided that the advent of smart contracts coupled with blockchain technology would lead to a new era of decentralized peer-to-peer trading of skins. So, they acted proactively seeking out Malcolm CasSelle to lead WAX, their new endeavor. They tapped Malcolm Caselle as the President and CIO. He holds a BS from the Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Masters from Stanford in Computer Science.

WAXing Lyrical: Malcolm CasSelle Interview


Wax will be the name of the virtual gaming token which can be used by gamers throughout the world as a medium for trading skins. The genius of Wax is that although it stems from Etherium, it will be interchangeable with all cryptocurrencies. That is thanks to smart contract technology. The result will be a transparent, decentralized platform through which gamers can safely trade their skins, and profit in cash by doing so if they wish.


One of Brazil’s Most Respected Rally Driver- Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is one of the most respected rally drivers from Brazil. His passion for sports comes from his family who are very active in sports. His father who is known as Jack Terpins was active in sports during the 60s and 70s. He held high positions in the Jewish sports institutions which might have triggered the passion for sports to his sons. Moreover, Rodrigo is the brother of Michel Terpins who is also very talented in the rally racing in Brazil. The brothers are co-founders of a team known as the Bull Sertoes in which they take part. The team also participates as one of the main competitors in the Brazilian off-road races.

Rodrigo Terpins’ Success in his Racing Career

The 22nd edition of the Bull Sertoes was one of the most unforgettable races Rodrigo and his partner Fabricio Bianchini took part. The race was a long distance of 2600km and included two states and seven stages. The pair was aboard the #326 car which did not disappoint as they managed to seize the 7th position in the final score out of a total of 38 competitors. This was a great performance for Rodrigo as only a few of the competitors managed to finish and qualify as the top 5. Again, Rodrigo Terpins stated the performance was exceeded their expectation even though there were some adversities on the way they still achieved promising results.

Further, Rodrigo and his brother Michel Terpins piloted the T-Rex car that was developed for the off- road rough terrain by the MEM Motorsport Organization. Again, while Michel Terpins began his interests in motorsport in 2002 when he joined the motorcycles racing, Rodrigo had his interest’s right from his childhood days when he would spend time fixing cars. The brothers who have the same passion for cars, have raced for the Brazilian cross country rally championship and the Sertoes rally for the past four seasons on-board the T-Rex. Rodrigo believes that his success in racing is because of his perseverance, hard work, and dedication that has seen him grace podiums and achieve victories in most of the competitions. Rodrigo’s LinkedIn page contains his professional details as a rally driver over the years. He also has his website with his past and current interviews.

Jim Larkin: The Union Leader Who Empowered Employees

Jim Larkin’s legacy trades back to the Irish trade union. His input was immeasurable as he transformed the union from a particular lobby of conventional lobby unions, staffed with underpaid workers, to an incredible union that released payment on time.

He additionally, focused on improving salary scales and working conditions.

Giving the union a new agenda that aimed at transforming Ireland into a Commonwealth participant, Jim Larkin’s accomplishments is barely described as typical. Perhaps his life was centered on developing his colleague’s careers through improving their working conditions.

His Contributions

Jim Larkin may have promoted the growth of the union movements, but he also contributed to divisive agendas that split the same group of union. He waged a long acrimonious war era with his comrades.

What lasted over 30 years is a reminder of how lethal Jim Larkin’s influence was to the trade union.

The Beginning of Larkin’s Input to the Trade Union

James Larkin first crafted his name in the Ireland working industry as the organizer of NUDL, also known as the National Union of Dock Laborers. Ceremoniously, he unified Catholic and Protestant believers.

What was his main agenda? Jim Larkin was interested in fighting for better pay. He also worked hard to promote healthier working conditions.

A Memorable Legacy

Jim Larkin’s lasting legacy was pushing local employers to identify the working rights of dockers as well as carters. He collectively promoted their union representation by working on salary bargains.

His empathy for the poor coupled with intense hatred for injustice pushed him to fight for all workers irrespective of their background. He lived by the mantra ‘One’s injury is everyone’s concern.’ Even though he would cut across as a Marxist, his intentions were pure.

Jim’s departure from the NUDL contributed to his project of founding the Workers Union of Irish Transport and General Workers. The sole purpose of this foundation was spreading the divine mission of providing employees with better working conditions.

He succeeded in this in an era that saw word as the primary communication channel. Until now, Jim Larkin is highly revered for his input.

Dick DeVos – recap article

There was a plan in the works for Grand Rapids to become a multi-billion dollar sports center. It concluded with a multi-purpose sports complex and convention center that would sit in the center of downtown. Many business leaders were behind the move, but Dick DeVos was not among them.


The sports complex looked like another Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills, the two buildings under construction when the Lions and Pistons left Detroit in the 1970s. At the time, it had been devastating to the city, and DeVos did not want to see that happen in his hometown.


However, he brought together business leaders to form Grand Action, a group of businesses that helped construct the Van Andel Arena, DeVos Perfomance Hall, DeVos Place Convention Center, and the Rapid Rapids City Market. They even had helped with the Michigan State University’s Medical School.


Dick DeVos said at the time that he had learned a lesson from the Pontiac Silverdome, and he did not want to see Grand Rapids follow suit by building something that could not be supported. Instead, he had sights a little higher.


DeVos is an avid aviation expert and pilot who through his ties to his family’s business Amway, has been able to reach some of the top ears of the aviation industry. That includes the CEO of AirTran. In 2012, he talked to the CEO about bringing more flights and expanding services at the Grand Rapids Airport. The idea was a long shot, but the CEO agreed. Soon, Grand Rapids Airport added flights to Detroit, St. Louis, and Orlando.


When AirTran was purchased by Southwest, DeVos unveiled a plan to create an even bigger aviation model for Grand Rapids. This led to the construction of upgrades to the Grand Rapids Aiport, as well as $48 million into the Grand Rapids economy.


Dick DeVos is no stranger to helping out his hometown communities, but he has also been instrumental with his wife and their foundation. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has given over $187 million to the arts, culture centers, community organizations, family health services, and education. It is clear to see how they have become a powerhouse political couple.


In 2018, Dick DeVos will join his wife in Washington as he has recently been appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration, where he will serve on the management council. His appointment could not come at a better time for the aviation industry, as Southwest CEO has said. Learn more:

Tony Petrello Once Again Goes Above And Beyond For His Community

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas is in 2017, so many residents homes were ruined, and lives were tragically disrupted. For the CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello, it was not a difficult decision to rally his employees to help assist in the recovery efforts. Through Tony Petrellos’ leadership, Nabors Industries, a local drilling company, stepped up to have a positive impact on the recovery efforts in the Houston area.

Tony Petrello was able to guide his employees and company to help the victims recover through various activities. Immediately after the storm, employees were given paid time off to go and provide assistance where volunteers were needed to help rebuild in the community. In addition to providing paid time off, Petrello set up a matching program called Nabors Disaster Relief Fund which was established to raise money for on the ground relief efforts in the neighborhoods impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The employees of Nabors Industries raised $173,622, and then Tony Petrello stepped up and matched the employee contributions. Finally, Nabors Industries were able to help provide hot meals to families by opening up their on-site kitchen to be used to produce hot meals for hurricane victims three times a day.

Read more: Tony Petrello’s Nabors Industries Will Purchase Tesco This Year

Although Tony Petrello was initially from New Jersey, he now considers Houston his home. It came as no surprise to Texas residents, that Tony was quick to step to the plate and provide generous assistance to the community in the aftermath of the hurricane. Both Tony and his wife Cynthia are well known in the Houston area for their philanthropic giving to local causes. One of Tony and Cynthia’s most significant donations was $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital for the research of childhood neurological disorders. In addition to the contribution, Tony was asked to serve on the Board of Directors with a focus on fundraising efforts. Research to find a cure for childhood neurological disorders is a cause close to their hearts as their daughter Carena was born with a disorder and they are dedicated to working with the hospital to help Carena and other children.

Tony and Cynthia also believe education is a critical area to provide assistance. While Tony attended the prestigious Yale University, his professor Professor Serge Lang had a significant impact on him. After the professors passing, Tony and Cynthia donated $150,000 to the endowment fund and then an additional $150,000 to match the generous donations of fellow Yale graduates.

Tony joined Nabor Industries back in 1991 and has been an integral part of the company growth ever since. Tony believes community outreach and charitable giving are an essential part of Nabor Industries and he looks forward to the continued business and philanthropic growth.


US Money Reserve Helps With Disaster Relief

The efforts to fight the effects of the recent hurricanes is something many are taking seriously. The US Money Reserve, a distributor of precious metals, is doing everything it can to make sure people have what they need in the city of Austin. They have teamed up with the Austin relief network in hopes of giving the people a way of moving on after all of the tragic events this fall brought them. With hundreds of thousands of dollars in aid, the city of Austin has appreciated the donation and what it means. Others have also followed suit and brought similar contributions.


The US Money Reserve is more than able to provide assistance due to the nature of its business. Precious metals are some of the best investments you could possibly make with many people choosing to rely upon them as the ultimate form of asset protection. Precious metal coins and bullion can be stored away in a safe location and they often gain value during times of economic turmoil or crisis. This is perfect for those who would like to think about their future but haven’t thought of the perfect recession proof investment. Quality gold or silver is just one great example of goods the US Money Reserve provides.


The most important reason the US Money Reserve has managed to gain so much success over its lifetime is the guarantee it provides. You know that the gold given to you by the US Money Reserve is in fact pure and you know that it comes from government sources. That gives you a level of satisfaction no matter what you’re into. The people who like the US Money Reserve often can’t tell people enough about how secure they are now that they’ve invested in the unique options they have through the US Money Reserve.


US Money Reserve offers more than precious metal. Most people who decide to invest in their future choose to invest in stocks and other forms of wealth that might lose value during a recession or that simply can’t be kept in a physical location. You can literally hold the investments of the US Money Reserve in your hands safe from any of the dangers they might be subject to if they were in the hands of a stock broker or someone else. That advantage has made US Money Reserve a highly popular choice for many investors. Learn more:




Securus’ Wireless Containment Solution Abolishes Contrabands in Prisons

Wireless Containment Solution entails as a system for detecting and preventing crimes caused by contraband cell phones in correctional centers. Securus Technologies, a famed provider of criminal and civil justice technology solution for corrections and public safety, offers this system to correctional facilities including Florida, which is provides paid calls for prisoners.


Robert’s Story


Robert Johnson, a former correctional officer, revealed the story that led to the introduction of Securus’ WCS in the correctional centers. Robert had been working in correctional facilities for 15 years, and he was responsible for confiscating contrabands. In 2010, he was shot in his home while serving as a dedicated officer in Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina. Robert had discovered a large package worth $50,000 two weeks before his attack.


On March 5, 2010, Robert heard a loud sound at his door when he woke up at 5:30 a.m. to go to work. The intruder shot him six times in the chest and stomach. Robert was rushed to the hospital and survived the surgery by a sheer miracle. Sean Echols, an ex-convict, was arrested and sentenced for attempting to kill Robert. After his recovery, he vowed to prevent crimes instigated by prisoners with cell phones. Robert was also motivated to fight against crime after the death of Kendarius Edwards, a nine-month-old baby. Inmates ordered the murder of Edwards because of the wrongs of the baby’s uncle.


Robert Johnson gave his opinion about the right ways of controlling contraband cell phones in correctional facilities to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a regulator of the airwaves for phone providers. Robert Johnson is currently working at Securus Technologies as a paid consultant.


The Efficacy of the WCS System


Correctional facilities that have used Securus’ WCS system have managed to block 1.7 million prisoners’ calls. Unfortunately, prisons that had not implemented Securus’ WCS have reported incidences of increased use of contraband cell phone. For instance, Jose Ariel Rivera, an inmate of Evans Correctional Institution, posted a video on Facebook Live using a contraband cell phone. Jose was serving a sentence of 10 years for burglary.


Even though this incidence was not his first attempt, the video shocked Securus Technologies and the entire nation because it was filmed in prison. FCC had promised to restructure how correctional centers accessed illegal cell phones using systems such as the WCS in March 2017. In July 2017, Securus Technologies released a report stating how WCS was effective in detecting the contrabands in prisons.


The CEO of Securus, Richard Smith, cited that the company had invested more than 40 million in the system and that it will continue to create its solution to eradicate illegal cell phones in prisons. Robert Johnson encouraged residents to ask their elected officers whether they have implemented the WCS system in prisons.



Cameron Clokie Explains Regenerative Medicine as the Way to Go

The stem cell concept is simplified to deception point. The whole idea in it is simply taking the donated cells to the patient with the purpose of healing an injury or sickness.

However, the truth of this matter is complex. As the expert, Cameron Clokie explains, Regenerative treatment method applies the use of utilized cells to repair a damaged tissue that may have failed to function due to injury or disease.

In the recent world of science, there are many breakthroughs in the regenerative treatment. But even with the success in the field, there have been a few incidences that it has been applied in treatment.

The facts that come out are that the number of breakthroughs that have occurred in the patients is low. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

In another case, private physicians have been applying methods that are unproven to desperate patients, thereby leading to the worse condition of the patient. This comes as a big blow to the invented regenerative method.

Many questions may arise as to why is the regenerative method with its benefits not applied to the patients today.

The first important thing to note is that cell therapy began so early with blood transfusion being one of them. It is the most common form even in the modern clinical setting.

According to Crunchbase, Dr. Clokie goes on to explain that the scalds together with severe burns are treated using cell therapy in the case where the injury is not too expensive to require skin grafting.

The cells used are obtained from the very patient. With all these showing the potential in the generative treatment, scientists are still working on ways to find new treatment and ignore the generative treatment.

Dr. Clokie has an extensive experience in the maxillofacial and oral surgery. He is, in addition, an expert in serial entrepreneurship and he is also a scientist.

He believes that regenerative treatment approach to diseases and injuries can of great importance but this will go hand in hand with a huge cost. This will mean that the procedure will be limited in a way but later on will come to be affordable.

Save On Heating And Cooling With These Tips From Goettl

One way to save on heating and cooling costs according to Goettl is by installing what is known as a radiant barrier in your home. You can install a radiant barrier such as a special foil between attic floors and insulation. The radiant barrier helps lock the heat in the attic during the hot months. During winter it prevents warm air from rising into the attic.

If your house has lots of windows and you live in a sunny and warm climate, consider applying some window tint to them. The tint will help deflect sunlight which can warm up your home. Filling in cracks that lead to drafts is also a good idea. Use sealants and door sweeps to keep cold or warm air from seeping into your home. You can also apply weather strips and insulation on or around windows, doors, in basements and in attics. All of this will help to keep your house better insulated. The better insulated your home is the less your heating and cooling bill will be.

You might be tempted to forego replacing your old HVAC unit because of steep replacement costs. However, old HVAC systems tend to have high operating costs. They also don’t do a very good or effective job at heating and cooling your home. If you get a new HVAC unit, you will save money on operating costs because they will be more efficient. You may also qualify for some tax credits and can also apply for month to month financing if you cannot pay right away.

Goettl is an HVAC repair and installation company that was founded in the early 1900s by the Goettl brothers. According to Crunchbase, today the company services thousands of clients and employs hundreds of people across the United States. The company continues to provide expert repair and installation service of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as plumbing services now. Follow Goettl on Facebook.

US Money Reserve’s Goals Met For Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

US Money Reserve announced not long ago that they had joined in the effort to support victims of Hurricane Harvey, one of the worst hurricanes that had hit the US since Katrina in 2005.

Many businesses and government agencies joined in the fundraising efforts to help those affected by the disaster to find emergency shelter, essential items, and restoration for damaged property.

US Money Reserve pledged $100,000 to match donations made through YouCaring, and they also joined the Austin Disaster Relief Network to increase access to essential resources for victims.

US Reserve is one of the world’s top gold suppliers and they’ve been in business since 2001 based in Austin, TX. They have assembled one of the top gold products inventories ranging from commemorative coins, rare bullion, platinum coins, gold bars and many other currencies.

In our current world, many experts are predicting that the US national debt is accruing to unsustainable levels, and the best way you can be protected if the economy collapses is to own precious metals like gold and silver. PR Newswire stated that US Money Reserve has coins and bullion of all values so you can buy them with either a large or small investment.

Why is it that US Money Reserve has become one of the most reputable gold companies? It’s because they are led by experts who have years in the industry including company President Philip N. Diehl. Diehl was the 35th US Mint Director who helped the agency come out of a troubled financial situation and even brought back its commemorative coins into production.

The Mint’s profit levels were raised from a little over $200 million to over $2.6 billion. One reason was because Diehl increased the agency’s product sales through an e-commerce website he had designed back in the late 1990s. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Diehl is now working to provide prospective customers with information on how to secure their wealth and even transfer investments such as an IRA into gold or silver.

He is also frequently seen on business networks such as CNN and CNBC, and he spoke at the 2016 Gold Summit television event. You can find out more about Diehl’s work and US Money Reserve’s mission statement by going to their website at and clicking on their free gold kit link.

If you have any problems making purchases or have any questions about how to do it, support specialists are standing by on their Client-Connect Advantage app.

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