The Success of Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold

Of the many individuals that have made their mark within the industry of health, one individual in particular stands out due to not only his dedication to his business, but also his ability to make sure that his company promotes well being and makes sure that he sells products of the highest quality that will not break the bank in the process.

This individual is Bernardo Chua and is a Filipino who grew up around poverty and the lack of education about health. Thanks to Bernardo Chua and his company, individuals all over the world are getting educated on the importance of health and how to remain healthy without spending money.

Mr. Chua is the proud owner of a company that is known as Organo Gold that not only looks to sell products, but also looks to become incorporated in the lives of individuals within different communities all over the world.

Bernado Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 as a way to create an inexpensive and high quality way to live a healthy life. Bernardo Chua has incorporated a special ingredient into the products that he sells which is a Chinese herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.

Bernado Chua found this herb on his travels throughout Asia and was the first individual to put the product on the international market. This special ingredient is known as Ganoderma and has been proven by scientists to truly be a recommended herb to take in the morning. Scientists have proven that this herb induces weight loss, relieves stress, and helps with sleeping at night.

What makes Organo Gold a special company is the fact that it not only wants to sell a product, but also looks to improve the lives of individuals all over the world.

Organo Gold looks to offer jobs to individuals who want to sell the products and who want to become their own boss. The only requirement that Mr. Chua has for those that want to sell the products is that they love the Organo Gold product as much as he loves the product.

Jason Hope major highlights on the Internet of Things

The Internet of things (IoT) is a powerful feature according to Jason Hope. According to him, it is likely to be the biggest investment that most of the corporations in the world may take on. Major players in the world of economy have begun to embrace it due to the technological advancements it is offering. Hence, it is becoming imperative. Jason’s prediction is that the progress will fuel an economy whereby all the devices are in one way or another be able to connect to one another and pass information and data. For instance, the use of the Bluetooth component that allows people to communicate and gather information plays an important role in businesses.

There are lots of gossips about the damages caused by the internet of things. Nevertheless, the merits dwarf these limitations. For example, using connections that are wireless. For instance, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are altering how various automobiles function, home appliances, and even medical facilities. By the year 2020 a Guru by the name Gartner Inc., predicts that at least things of about 25 billion will have been programmed.

The system has brought about improvement in safety. The Virginia Atlantic Boeing is one of the infrastructures that is currently appreciating the wireless connectivity. The connection has been carried out from the top to the bottom of the plane. This ensures that there is timely control as well as efficient analysis of real-time information. That ensures that all the mechanical issues are dealt with immediately. On top of this, the beacons can monitor the passengers’ safety, and this provides all the passengers a peacetime throughout the journey.

Competition in the current businesses is not leaving out room for those companies that are providing substandard goods and services. Those companies that have taken advantage of the internet of things can improve client service. Challenges, for instance, ticket prices variability, deregulations, and even intensified security systems are being handled efficiently by the use of the internet of things.Jason Hope is one of the big believers in the use of the internet of things. He has been able to market his entrepreneurial skills through his articles on the latest internet technical trends. He has been regarded as one of the preeminent authorities when it comes to his contribution to the internet of things. Follow him on twitter :

Talk Fusion: They Are Ready

They often say that the key to growth for any company is innovation. That is clearly true when it comes to Talk Fusion. This is a company that is entering its tenth year, and many have commented on how they are doing better than ever. They have experienced tremendous growth and they have kept their eye on the prize, which is coming up with ways to keep things exciting and fresh. They know as long as they do that, they will be in great shape moving forward and nothing will prevent them achieving success as a company. That is why they are incredibly proud of winning two awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation.


One must keep in mind that this is a company that is very strict when it comes out to giving awards. They do not give out awards for the sake of giving out awards. In fact, they are known as a media giant according to the article. That shows everyone the stature they have and the kind of respect that comes with them. They have earned that respect each and every step of the way. Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion has earned the same respect. They have earned it by hiring the best IT team on the planet and truly listening to and understanding the needs of the customers. They are out there and they are willing to speak. It is just a matter of understanding what they want and need out of the product.


That is why Talk Fusion has video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. Bob Reina has mentioned in other interviews that he is always on the lookout for the next big thing. He does not stay in the same spot as he is always on the lookout for what is hidden somewhere or something that is yet to be discovered.


The customers of Talk Fusion can rest easy because they know they are using a company that has its head on its shoulders and has a clear vision thanks to its CEO and founder and the entire team.



Two Best Wedding Venues With George Street

George Street Photo and Video Address Locations are a professional photojournalism company mainly focusing on Wedding photography and videography. Tim, Dan, and Michael are the original founders of George Street. Ten years after founding the company, they have expanded to more than 40 cities throughout the USA. Below are the two best cities to hold a wedding courtesy of George Street.

  1. New York.

Honestly, what better venue to have your wedding than on a yacht in the New York Harbour. Together with the Manhattan Penthouse, these two locations are great mainly because of the picturesque New York skyline in the background.

  1. Philadelphia

I have put Philadelphia on the list because it has a very awesome wedding location. The Stotesbury Mansion. With a classic, vintage ambiance in an old elegant building, surely this is a place worth checking.


Is It True That Brian Bonar Has An Unmatched Working Streak?

Brian Bonar is no ordinary man. Many people prefer to call him a superhero for the outstanding things that he has accomplished in life. Over the years, Mr. Bonar has mastered the art of being a financial expert. With Bonar being alumni to Stafford University and James Watt Technical College, Brian has a Bachelors and Masters degree under his belt.

Because of Bonar’s unmatched level of expertise, he has been able to secure meaningful employment in some of the most prestigious institutions in the United States of America, examples of which include QMS, IMS, Adaptec, Trucept, Dalrada, and Bezier Systems.

Brian Bonar has also been fortunate enough to rise through the ranks throughout his working career. His ability to solve complex financial matters has made Bonar a force to be reckoned with in the economic world. So impressive has Brian been to the extent that he is considered to be the proprietor and founder of Bezier Systems.

For years, Bonar has been part and parcel of Dalrada Corporation. However, Brian recently decided to leave the organization so as to pursue other things in life. His exit from Dalrada Corporation came as a huge shock since Brian has been a high-ranking official at the company for a very long time. With his departure, people consider Bonar as the best Chairman and CEO that the firm has ever had.

Although Bonar has decided to move out of Dalrada, he has still maintained a healthy relationship with Trucept, a corporation in which Brian ranks as President and Chairman of the Board.

While at Trucept, Brian Bonar has helped individuals and companies alike reach their full financial potential. Because of Bonar’s efforts, such corporations can afford to be happy since Brian came to their aid when they had employee and tax related problems.

Since Bonar is an all round person, he never seems to be a bore. Through time, Brian has proved to be a hardworking and fun person to have around. As a family man, Brian loves to spend time with relatives who form a large percentage of his inner circle.

Brian Bonar also spares time for friends and even goes golfing with them. Brian Bonar is also a huge lover of oceanic waters. To this end, you will most likely find Bonar exploring the seas whenever on vacation.

Therefore, Brian is one energetic person who has left a huge gap in Dalrada Corporation due to his exit. Finding someone to fill in his shoes is a gap that may never get to fruition since Bonar is a real expert in what he does. As Brian leaves Dalrada Corporation, he will take years of experience with him, the knowledge that he has never been shy about sharing with people across the globe.

Achievements of Mike Baur

Unlike many business persons, Mike Baur has been performing very well in different sectors. By doing that he has created a good reputation in the segment. A good number of people would like to work with him. Before Baur started his entrepreneurial journey, he was working has a banker. He has more than two decades of experience in the market. Mike has been participating in different startups in the past few years.

For Mike to perform well in his business as a startup investor and mentor he needed to come up with a team of experts who will guide him through the entire process. Baur and his co-founder came up with a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. This is an entity which is now offering guidance to young people with startups. A good number of them know less about the corporate world and thus need someone who fully understands the segment to guide them.

The entity will not only offer you the guidance you need, but it will also support you financially. It is quite demanding for someone with a startup to get funding. Most investors consider them riskier and thus uneconomical for one to deal with them. Someone with a startup will be taken through all the documentation needed for one to legally own the startup. This is one of the ways in which the firm is trying to reduce cases of ownership battles.

The institution is now working with a number of firms in the same segment. One of the key reasons why the institution has partnered with the firms is so as to meet the demands of a bigger number of people. Some of the institutions which are now working with the firm include CTI Invest, Fintech Fusion, and Gold back Group. These are some of the most reputable firms in the market at this moment.

Different people have various startups, and thus it is important for experts with different skills to come up together to realize optimum utility out of that activity.

Apart from supporting startups through his entity, Mike is now using other platforms to reach more people with startups. He has been participating in START summiteer. This has an organization which works in different tertiary institutions. It links up students with promising ventures with business persons who are willing to invest in the segment. The program being undertaken by the organization has gained popularity all over the country in the past years.


Jason Hope Watches as the Internet of Things Takes Shape

For hundreds of years science fiction writers have dreamed of a future where technology has taken over everything in some way or another. Now, we can safely say, we are living in that future. The Internet of Things is here and it is time to embrace it as much as possible. The Internet of Things is a term made popular by futurist and tech entrepreneur Jason Hope. The Internet of Things is a term that more specifically references the way in which our world is becoming connected to the internet. From our shoes, to our watches, all the way up to actual airplanes — the internet is now part of our life. Jason Hope turned to the airline industry to most emphatically make this point.

The airline industry may have problems with their PR but don’t for an instant think that they aren’t the best in the world at what they do — thanks to the Internet of Things. Airline travel has continually become safer and safer and is now one of the safest ways you can travel in the world. That’s amazing! It is due in large part to the fact that airlines have embraced the Internet of Things in a complete way. Airlines now use the Internet of Things to ensure that their planes are running at absolutely their peak performance.

Virgin Atlantic has their Boeing 787’s completely wired up to the internet. Analysts and airline professionals will know the instant that anything, anywhere, goes wrong on their plane — this is huge. Jason Hope points out that this kind of networked connectivity is going to spread to the rest of our life, as well, thanks to the Internet of Things.Jason Hope has done a bunch with his career as a writer, futurist, and tech based entrepreneur. His work with the SENS Foundation is honing in on a variety of different industries in our future including the healthcare field and the Internet of THings.

Easily Access Reputable Lawyers like Jeremy L Goldstein

From the comfort of your home, you can get a lawyer who can handle child custody issues, criminal cases, or help in writing will and other legal issues. There is a new and convenient way of finding experienced lawyers in the neighborhood as long as you have access to the internet. Here is some information to assist you to understand this innovative system that will help you get the perfect legal representative.


Through the New York State Bar Association’s dependable Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), one can access 24 hours services on a portal developed to connect attorneys and clients who need lawyers in times of stress. The technology was developed in conjunction with, the countrywide provider of technology for the marketplace in addition to referral management for the legal sector.


The service is easily accessible by visiting the website Fill a questionnaire which requires you to indicate the nature of the legal issue as well as your location. The bar staff then reviews the filled form and matches you with the lawyers nearby. If you are in one of the seventeen counties with a lawyer referral service nearby, the State Bar will present your request to the relevant county bar association.


The referrals are free but there is a fee charge of USD 35 for 30 minutes consultation unless the matter has to do with Military law, social security, personal injury, medical malpractice, unemployment, or workers compensation. After the initial consultation, one is not obligated to retain the lawyer, but if one chooses to, then the fee is determined by the agreement between the individual and particular lawyer.


About Jeremy L. Goldstein

Jeremy L. Goldstein is a partner at the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a law firm that is devoted to giving advice to CEOs, compensation committees, management teams, and businesses on matters to do with executive compensation and corporate governance.


Jeremy chairs the American Bar Association Business Section’s Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee. Jeremy Goldstein authors and also often speaks on matters to do with corporate governance as well as executive compensation. He is recognized as a top executive compensation attorney in the USA.


Follow Jeremy Goldstein on Facebook.



Comfort And Quality, Meet the 5-star Copa Star Hospital

Not every commerce wants to target its services to the general public. It’s a decision to be made, whether or not you want to sell an expensive and luxurious product or something that is affordable to everyone.

Hospitals tend to enter the same debate. Copa Star was the most recent case of a luxurious hospital that more looks like a 5-star hotel in an expensive neighborhood. The hospital, built in Brazil by a Brazilian corporation, promises to offer the most technological and modern treatment that is available in the global market today, and the local communities were very excited with the inauguration of the building. View the design at RAF Arquitetura.

Announced in 2014 to be inaugurated in 2016 and already in the active for almost a year, the Hospital Copa Star and the management team certainly kept their word. Copa Star was built in Rio de Janeiro, the metropolitan city that is located on the coast of Brazilian territory. The hospital was built by the Brazilian property owner company D’Or, and it is the most luxurious healthcare center in the vicinity.

More than 150 beds, and three hundred professionals, just because the building is meant for people of the highest standards is not to say that circulation is little around the hospital. To the contrary. Doctors and Physicians are always busy taking care of results and delivering the expensive treatments that patients have chosen Copa Star for.

Although Copa Star is theoretically meant for people with higher paying conditions or famous stars, everyone has access to the Hospital if they have what they call “convênio Médico,” an agency that you can subscribe in to not have to pay for treatments directly.

Instead of paying the hospital for your treatment, you pay for the convênio that includes the hospital among the healthcare centers that accept that agency. It’s a monthly fee, and it has revamped the Brazilian’s medical system tremendously.

The healthcare center has modern equipment to allow for maximum comfort while you’re being diagnosed by the doctors and nurses. You can open and close the curtains, torn on and off the TV and contact the nurses from your bed without moving more than a finger. Whenever a patient wants the staff to communicate with the team responsible for the individual or communicate with the family in the lobby. This is not just a practical and comfortable system, but it also allows for the hospital to cover people with physical disorders that need special attention. The doctors can leave the patients knowing that they can call them directly from the system while being monitored by the cameras.

While having the luxury of a 5-star hotel, it does keep its standards in the offered treatments and therapies available. Modern treatments that are not seen in general hospitals are specially ordered by the management team to maintain the facility as a unique healthcare center, something that it was built to be. Read more at about Copa Star.

Equaling the Educational Playfield and Striving for Educational Quality for Everyone: Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos didn’t start out with the reform agenda she now advocates today as the new Secretary of Education. It was her experiences as a mom and as advocate for low income families in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area that spurred the interest in education reform. She noticed that many of the students she met didn’t have the same opportunities that her children had in school.

When DeVos talked to the parents of these students she realized that many desired quality education for their children. The tuition at quality schools was way out of reach. The parents also expressed their feelings that the public educational system failed their children. DeVos wanted to help these parents out of their financial situations and give them freedom to choose schools. DeVos started researching possibilities and learned about school choice.

School choice has been around for centuries in one form or another. Compulsory education and the public school system only have been around since the 1840s. When it was first implemented public compulsory education targeted low and middle class families that couldn’t afford to send their students to school. In other words compulsory education allowed children who didn’t have access to education opportunity to have it without cost. It was and still is a good way to get a basic education. Check this related article from

Unfortunately the quality of education decreased over the years due to a variety of factors. Students who lived in an increasingly urban area suffered the most. Betsy DeVos realized this while working with low income families in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She understood from talking with parents and from the input she received that the educational play field was lopsided against students that come from low income and urban areas.

It was her philosophy from then on to provide accessibility to those students to excel in the school of their choice. She understood then that educational reform needed to move forward to give student opportunities they couldn’t have in the public school system.

It has been an important component for DeVos to equalize the educational playfield by opening up new educational opportunities for everyone. She knew that giving control of their child’s education back to their parents would enhance educational opportunities.

DeVos hopes that the educational reform agenda that she touts will resonate with parents of school age students across the country. She believes that quality educational choices shouldn’t be hampered by where the child lives. New technological advances and the advent of cyber schools make it even easier for children to get a quality education no matter where they live. DeVos feels that students and their parents should have every opportunity to get the education they deserve. Visit to know more about their foundation.