Securus Technologies: Combating Drones

There is an increase sighting of drones in the past few months. People have been complaining about them, but the jail authorities inside the prison do not have any access to devices which would help them investigate. What they did was to contact Securus Technologies and asked them for help. Securus Technologies is the most preferred communications and services providers by most of the correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. The combined population of inmates being served by Securus Technologies is 1.2 million, and they are contained in 3,000 different prisons around the United States. Because of their passion and dedication, the company is now ranked as one of the top companies in the United States and Canada. Securus Technologies is proud of their products, and would like to show the world their discovery.


The drone detection technology was invented by Securus Technnologies to counter the rising number of contrabands that are being smuggled inside the prison. According to those who are looking after the facility, there would be an unusual sound every evening. Upon hearing this advice from one of the jail officers, the officials have chosen to create a device similar to their earlier wireless containment system that would limit the drone into entering the prison. People have been praising the invention after it was created, because it would lessen the number of violence inside and outside the prison cell. Securus Technologies revealed that they will be deploying the drone detectors across North America.


After the deployment of the invention inside prison cells, the jail officers found out that there are fewer instances of violence happening inside the prison, and no contrabands have been delivered ever since they decided to heighten up the security. This made the prison officers happy because they could already sleep well at night, especially when they are at home away from their post.


The drone detection technology introduced by Securus Technologies is another testament how the company is really caring for the safety of the prisons and the vicinity where it is located. The company will be doing anything to prevent the entry of contrabands inside the correctional facility. The prisoners, on the other hand, will never stop innovating and developing new ways on how they can transport the contrabands back into the prison cells. For the meantime, they would have to think about new ways on how to smuggle contrabands inside the correctional facility because their drone method was busted.



Sussex Healthcare’s New CEO

Since its foundation, Sussex Health care has been committed to giving quality health care to its patients. This has been evident in their choice of location, employees, equipment and now their careful choice in leadership.

All Sussex homes have been built in a calm and serene environment. This has given their homes a warm, homely feel thus allowing their patients to be relaxed and feel at home. They are also known to give the best therapies in the country. This is because they are careful to hire the best in the field. The hired employees also go through their in house training that equips them to care for the patients in the best way possible. In addition to training its employees well, Sussex Healthcare has state of the art equipment in each home. this ensures that the patients not only get the best treatment from the care givers, they have the best equipment to help them interact with their environment better.

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Recently, the organization hired a new Chief Executive officer, CEO, Amanda Morgan. This is believed by many to be an indication of the organization taking their services a step forward. Ms Amanda Morgan is known for her management skills that have seen several healthcare organizations going through a period of transition become successful. As the CEO of Sussex Healthcare, she is expected to take the standards of the organization that are already considered as leading in the industry to the next level.

Ms Amanda Morgan is an experience care giver who started her career as a mental nurse in 1984. Because of this experience, she is able to relate to the challenges employees and patients might go through. Therefore, she is in a position to come up with policies that cater for both with ease. She also has an experience dealing with stake holders and external authorities. This comes from the many directing ad managing positions she has held before Sussex Healthcare. This gives the organization hope of not only having its standards made better under her leadership but also having the organization’s relationship with its stake holders and external authorities made better.

Currently, the new Sussex Healthcare CEO is going round the different home locations to get acquainted with the stuff, patients and families of the patients. This is to help her strike a good rapport with those she will be working with. Her first task as the CEO of the organization was to appoint a new director of quality, compliance and service improvement.

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