Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Gets Bigger During And After The Crisis

The enduring success of Manaira Shopping, Brazil’s biggest shopping center is largely because of the astute business sense of its owner, Roberto Santiago. This shopping mall has weathered the country’s devastating economic crisis. Even with most of the country’s other businesses reeling from the effects of the crisis, Manaira Shopping didn’t stop growing. It was able to sustain the 6.5 percent increase in business that the segment started enjoying in 2015. All of these were made possible because of the vision and management style of its owner.


Based on the data gathered by the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers, the shopping industry had a turnover of 150 billion. While the rest of the country’s businesses were crunching their numbers, the shopping malls were having a ball. This is why Santiago’s Manaira Shopping has now grown bigger than its original size when it started, even amidst the country’s financial crisis.


This is a demonstration of the strength and resiliency of Manaira Shopping. When the financial crisis hit Brazil, Santiago reinvented the business model of the shopping mall. Each time that the owner modified the business, the impact can be seen in the increased growth of its business. The organization also became stronger every time a change in the shopping center is implemented storewide. As a testimony to its growth, Manaira Shopping is now the largest of the five shopping centers in Brazil, in terms of leasable area which is around 75 thousand square meters.


Santiago started building his shopping mall in 1987 by buying the land where it now stands. He spent two years building the structure of the commercial complex. It was finally opened in 1989 to people who were eager to sample the many conveniences it offers. The mall has different kinds of things that every type of consumer will enjoy. Manaira Shopping has a theater, gaming area for gaming enthusiasts, a concert hall at the rooftop for those who love to see cultural shows, food courts and fine dining restos, and of course, a whole slew of stores for all types of shoppers. The shopping center even has a college institution where people can get their education and a gymnasium for those who are inclined to sports.


There would be no Manaira Shopping if not for the vision and entrepreneurship of Roberto Santiago. He first saw the light on July 16, 1958 and got his basic education in Pio X-Marist College. Then he enrolled in the University Center in its school of business at Joao Pessoa where he got his Business Administration degree. Incidentally, Manaira Shopping is just one of the two shopping centers that are owned by Santiago. He also operates the Mangeira shopping mall which was built in 2013. These two shopping centers have somehow influenced other businesses to relocate themselves near their areas.


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