Cameron Clokie Explains Regenerative Medicine as the Way to Go

The stem cell concept is simplified to deception point. The whole idea in it is simply taking the donated cells to the patient with the purpose of healing an injury or sickness.

However, the truth of this matter is complex. As the expert, Cameron Clokie explains, Regenerative treatment method applies the use of utilized cells to repair a damaged tissue that may have failed to function due to injury or disease.

In the recent world of science, there are many breakthroughs in the regenerative treatment. But even with the success in the field, there have been a few incidences that it has been applied in treatment.

The facts that come out are that the number of breakthroughs that have occurred in the patients is low. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

In another case, private physicians have been applying methods that are unproven to desperate patients, thereby leading to the worse condition of the patient. This comes as a big blow to the invented regenerative method.

Many questions may arise as to why is the regenerative method with its benefits not applied to the patients today.

The first important thing to note is that cell therapy began so early with blood transfusion being one of them. It is the most common form even in the modern clinical setting.

According to Crunchbase, Dr. Clokie goes on to explain that the scalds together with severe burns are treated using cell therapy in the case where the injury is not too expensive to require skin grafting.

The cells used are obtained from the very patient. With all these showing the potential in the generative treatment, scientists are still working on ways to find new treatment and ignore the generative treatment.

Dr. Clokie has an extensive experience in the maxillofacial and oral surgery. He is, in addition, an expert in serial entrepreneurship and he is also a scientist.

He believes that regenerative treatment approach to diseases and injuries can of great importance but this will go hand in hand with a huge cost. This will mean that the procedure will be limited in a way but later on will come to be affordable.

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