Nathaniel Ru Builds Sweetgreen on Healthy Principles and with Technology

In hindsight, most traditional restaurant franchises and companies would have liked to have started the way Sweetgreen did. Sweetgreen was backed from the start by Daniel Boulud, Danny Meyer, and Steve Case, who are renowned investors.

The qualities and ideals of their salad dishes being healthy, fresh, using organic and local ingredients are what have made it a success and attract many customers over its 40 locations in the USA.

Sweetgreen’s CEO, Nathaniel Ru believes that the brand name is beginning to stand for something, namely eating healthily. Sweetgreen is focused on the future and already has approximately 30% of its payments going through their website or made through the Sweetgreen app.

The corporate office stays in touch with the vital business and 5 times per year, pause the corporate activities and actually work in Sweetgreen stores and seek to stay in touch with their customers and needs that are identified in working at the restaurants. Sweet green seeks to expand nationally and make it a bigger and better restaurant chain.

Sweetgreen’s founders, Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman have much in common. All three are children of entrepreneurs and are first generation immigrants as well. The founders met at Georgetown University and took classes together.

Nathaniel Ru believes that people should read more, and wishes that he had done more reading himself. Ru feels that building a team can be difficult, and personally, he even found it difficult to delegate tasks that he used to do.

In looking back, he can see that the sooner an entrepreneur can build a team around him, the better. Ru looks up to Kevin Plank of Under Armour, which he believes stands for very positive values. Aside from Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru enjoys Thai food.

Ru believes that in creating partnerships with health oriented businesses, Sweetgreen will spread out into other tangents of the healthy lifestyle area. Sweetgreen already has partnerships with yoga classes, fitness clubs, and gyms.

This cross-promotional approach provides results that increase the number of customers for both companies in the healthy lifestyle partnerships.

Nathaniel Ru is confident that by forming store teams by referring friends and even family and extended family members of employees often results in creating the most powerful and effective teams which consistently produce more positive business results as well as a better customer experience. Nathaniel Ru is confident that even in our modern and digital world, personal marketing always beats technology.

The Prosperous Carrer of Dr. Scott M. Rocklage

In the field of medicine, it truly is a gift to be able to treat people in need. One can argue, that the field of healthcare and medicine is the most important one of all and, is also one of the most difficult to practice. With that said, the field of medicine and healthcare need more people like Dr. Scott M. Rocklage.

With over thirty years of healthcare management and expertise, Scott has led many other practitioners with strong leadership and responsibility. So, to understand what has made Dr. Scott into the well-respected professional he is today, we will take a look at how his early life and academic success, and his management over at the company 5AM Ventures, have led to his prosperity.

Early Life & Academic Success

To be able to be in the field of medicine for three decades, or in any field in general, there is no question that one has to really like that field and be 100% committed to it.

There is no question that Scott had to have been committed to this craft from a very early age, and because of this commitment, it made his academic pursuit of it, fairly easy. Because of his passion for his field of work, Scott’s academic career was filled with many accomplishments to show for it. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

For one, he has achieved academic success from both the University of California Berkeley and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which, is a feat in and of itself. From the University of California Berkeley, he received his Bachelor of Science degree and along with it, many relationships in the field of medicine that he could come to for professional advice.

While at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he would receive his MS along with the same type of professional relationships he received at Berkely.

Work & Management at 5AM Ventures

His academic achievements, without a doubt, paved an easy road for his achievements in his professional career. Since his time in his profession, Scott has gone on to achieve successes such as serving as the Chief Executive Officer at EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, being an Acting Chief Executive Officer, as well as being President of Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

Along with these achievements are much more, however, perhaps his best work comes from his management over at 5AM Ventures.

In an article by titled “Bro Bio: The Enigmatic and Mysterious Life of Dr. Scott Rocklage“, the article best illustrates the amount of success Dr. Scott was able to accomplish.

It goes on to say that as his start having a management role at 5AM Ventures in 2003, his achievements have proven to be an inspiration for many others in the field.

Along with more praise of Dr. Scott, the article also mentions that in his other roles in the company such as chairman of the Boards of Semprus, Relypsa, and Achaogen and many others, Dr. Scott has held a respected leadership quality that cannot be overemphasized.

In summary, it is made clear how the impact that Dr. Scott has had for over thirty years plus on the job, has still kept him humble, despite being able to handle the work for Fortune 500 companies.

In The Name Of Democracy : End Citizens United

With its political power frozen in Washington after losing several races this year in Congress, Democrats are now scrambling to be able to find winning strategies so that they can transform the disappointment that was generated by President Donald Trump in a victory in the legislative elections of 2018. The party introduced a “different” candidates in the four elections in recent months: But Republicans halted all progress, condemning Democratic lawmakers, strategists and party officials repeated the same question: how will we be able turn around these results so that we can retake Congress next year?


After the realization that Citizens United, a legalization which allowed big corporations to fund political interests as individuals instead of businesses, effected the previous election almost absolutely, End Citizens United was formed as a way to counteract it. End Citizens United believes that our government can not allow the results of campaigns, to become entirely swayed by huge donors. After many unsuccessful attempts by the democrat party, thanks to this call for reform by End Citizens United, democrats are now able to regain strong hold on the political scene.



At the same time , Citizens United still struggles for the lifting of restrictions on political donations. These Corporation use money as the key factor to promote their interests through impressionable candidates. Our present president is most vulnerable to this lack of structure, ever since they have lifted limitations, such as : $5,000 directly from one citizen for the electoral cycle in the presidential candidate’s election fund. This is why End Citizens United was established and it is valiantly making a difference for the betterment of the relationship between a government and its citizens.


End Citizens United grossed $ 4 million in the first three months of 2017, and projected to meet $ 35 million for the 2018 midterm elections. The organization spent $ 25 million in the 2016 election cycle, your first choice since it was founded a year earlier. More recently, the committee raised $ 1.4 million in support of Democrat Jon Ossoff in a special election for a seat in the House of Representatives in Georgia. Ossoff lost the race last week before the Republican Karen Handel, but set a record collection in Congress, raising a total of $ 23 million. “I am running to represent the people, not big business or special interests,” O’Rourke said in a statement. “That’s why I do not accept money from political action committees, and that is why I am grateful to have the support of End Citizens United. Together we will recover Texas, we will recover the Senate and, most importantly, to regain our democracy. ”


O’Rourke is 100% right to stand by the newly formed committee. Regardless how much the reportedly wealthy accumulates, it is usually the regular Joes who generate the wealth of the country with their own hands. The wealthy have just found a very biased way of controlling huge sums without having to distribute any evenness to the masses. One can only hope that there will be more groups like End Citizens United who are in favor of helping the lower to middle classes consolidate their own funding solution into a power house of democratic reform.