Comfort And Quality, Meet the 5-star Copa Star Hospital

Not every commerce wants to target its services to the general public. It’s a decision to be made, whether or not you want to sell an expensive and luxurious product or something that is affordable to everyone.

Hospitals tend to enter the same debate. Copa Star was the most recent case of a luxurious hospital that more looks like a 5-star hotel in an expensive neighborhood. The hospital, built in Brazil by a Brazilian corporation, promises to offer the most technological and modern treatment that is available in the global market today, and the local communities were very excited with the inauguration of the building. View the design at RAF Arquitetura.

Announced in 2014 to be inaugurated in 2016 and already in the active for almost a year, the Hospital Copa Star and the management team certainly kept their word. Copa Star was built in Rio de Janeiro, the metropolitan city that is located on the coast of Brazilian territory. The hospital was built by the Brazilian property owner company D’Or, and it is the most luxurious healthcare center in the vicinity.

More than 150 beds, and three hundred professionals, just because the building is meant for people of the highest standards is not to say that circulation is little around the hospital. To the contrary. Doctors and Physicians are always busy taking care of results and delivering the expensive treatments that patients have chosen Copa Star for.

Although Copa Star is theoretically meant for people with higher paying conditions or famous stars, everyone has access to the Hospital if they have what they call “convênio Médico,” an agency that you can subscribe in to not have to pay for treatments directly.

Instead of paying the hospital for your treatment, you pay for the convênio that includes the hospital among the healthcare centers that accept that agency. It’s a monthly fee, and it has revamped the Brazilian’s medical system tremendously.

The healthcare center has modern equipment to allow for maximum comfort while you’re being diagnosed by the doctors and nurses. You can open and close the curtains, torn on and off the TV and contact the nurses from your bed without moving more than a finger. Whenever a patient wants the staff to communicate with the team responsible for the individual or communicate with the family in the lobby. This is not just a practical and comfortable system, but it also allows for the hospital to cover people with physical disorders that need special attention. The doctors can leave the patients knowing that they can call them directly from the system while being monitored by the cameras.

While having the luxury of a 5-star hotel, it does keep its standards in the offered treatments and therapies available. Modern treatments that are not seen in general hospitals are specially ordered by the management team to maintain the facility as a unique healthcare center, something that it was built to be. Read more at about Copa Star.

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