Photoshoot With Kim Dao And Yuki

Beauty YouTuber Kim Dao has grown in popularity over the years. When you watch videos like “Yuki’s Photoshoot & Dinner with boyfriend | Kim Dao,” you can see why so many people enjoy Kim’s entertaining vlogs.


At the start of this vlog, Kim Dao explains that she is going to get a photoshoot done with her Pomeranian named Yuki. Kim just bought a Pikachu outfit for Yuki, and Kim says that she is going to wear Pikachu-themed clothes in the photoshoot as well.


Kim Dao has an absolutely fabulous photoshoot with Yuki. Both are dressed up in cute Pikachu outfits and Kim says she got some great photos from the session.


Once both Kim Dao and Yuki have finished their photoshoot, they head on over to the FurBaby Boutique and Café. Kim tells her viewers that she is going to meet up with a friend while she lets Yuki play with some of the other dogs at the pet café.


When she arrives at the dog café, Kim purchases a few dog treats for Yuki and an avocado chicken sandwich for herself. When she gives Yuki a donut shaped treat, Yuki doesn’t really seem to enjoy it at first. As the video goes on, Yuki eventually starts munching on her treat.


Later in the day, Kim Dao heads home and lets Yuki rest. Kim Dao says she plans on doing a ton of work editing her videos while she has the free time.


At the end of the video, Kim goes to a fancy restaurant with her boyfriend Eric. She gets the risotto dish and her boyfriend gets a steak. They also get a brioche for dessert.


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