Breaking Into An Industry Like EOS Has

One of the issues that entrepreneurs have to deal with is how they are going to break into the industry. For one thing, a lot of industries and markets are saturated. While there is always going to be room for one to break into the market, it is important for one to find the gap. One must also take the time to look at all of the methods that could be used in order to bring in the sales. One of the best things for a marketer to do is offer something that has not been offered before. It also has to be beneficial in ways that make it better than other products on the market.

Evolution of Smooth has decided to break into the lip balm market. As described by Fast Company, this market has been monopolized by Chapstick for the long time. However, since Chapstick has exclusive control of the market, this has given it very little reason to make some updates to the product line. The benefits were good for the time it was first released. However, there is always a need to make improvements to the products so that it could provide better treatment to dry lips. EOS lip balm has looked for ways that it can provide treatment to women in ways that blow Chapstick out of the water.

One of the things that EOS has done was take a look at the current lip balm products. Then the professionals have taken the time to note down all of the issues that come with the product. They have noticed a lot of improvements that could be made. They then took their notes and decided to invent their own product that outshines Chapstick in every way. They used Facebook and other social media platforms to advertise. They have also looked at the types of people that buy lip balm. Of course it is the women who have shown themselves to be concerned with the condition of their lips.

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