Beyond The Darkness: PodcastOne Launches a Paranormal Show

In December 2016, Norman Pattiz, the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne, announced the launch of a new network program, ‘beyond the darkness.’ The program will have entertaining and enlightening conversations with the renowned researchers. The program is expected to challenge viewers about everything they think they know about ghosts, aliens, demons, angels, monsters, miracles and mysteries. Hosted by the great author and radio host Dave Schrader and radio producer and host Tim Dennis, new episodes will be available on Mondays on, the PodcastOne app, and iTunes.


This show is the newest on WWE luminary Chris Jericho’s Podcast network. Being one of the best in PodcastOne network, Jericho successfully managed evolution from just wrestling t comedy and now into the world of paranormals. Jericho expressed his excitement for the launch of the program. The program is expected to attract a massive fan base due to their trust and believe on the two hosts of the program, Tim Dennis, and Dave Schrader. Moreover, Jericho believes that the subject matter will enable the firm to grow its already massive audience to unimaginable size.



About Norman Pattiz


Born in 1943, Norman Pattiz has grown to become an American broadcasting entrepreneur and he is the executive chairman of PodcastOne since 2016. Before becoming the executive chairman of PodcastOne, Mr. Norman served as the CEO of the firm. He established Westwood One in 1974 and acted as the CEO and consultant of the company. Under his leadership, Westwood One grew to become America’s largest radio network and providers of news, entertainment, sports, and traffic programming to the broadcasting industry. Additionally, Norman is a regent of the University of California, the chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos national security laboratories. Moreover, Norman was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and later, the Library of American Broadcasting awarded him the Giants of Broadcasting Award.


With over 40 years experience in radio syndication, Norman founded and launched Courtside Entertainment group in 2010. The firm was started to produce and distribute quality programming. After recognizing the untapped potential in the audio industry and began PodcastOne at the end of 2012. The organization quickly grew to become the leading producer and distributor of audio-on-demand programming. In 2000, Norman was appointed by President Clinton and reappointed in 2002 by President Bush to chair the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. The agency mandate is to oversee all US nonmilitary broadcasting services including; The Voice of America, Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe, Middle East Broadcasting among others. Under his leadership, the agency managed to launch America’s Arabic language radio and television services in all the 22 countries in the Middle East. He also started Farsi language broadcasting to Iran, which currently enjoys a weekly audience of over 40 million listeners.

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  1. Paranormal things can actually be a reality and some people do not believe this but it appears that there could be opportunities in it. See uk rushmyessay writing and you can be surprised how may weird beliefs that people hold and these in a way shape who we really are. Norman Pattiz in his way is writing the story of humanity that will one day remind people of the folly.

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