Diversant Is On A Mission For Success And Ethnic Diversity

John Goullet has been in the IT staffing industry for a very long time and has built a great deal of experience and success doing so. Just starting out, John was working as an IT consultant, followed by moving on to IT staffing. He opened his very own IT staffing company in 1994, known as Info Technologies. It wasn’t long before the company was noticed as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States as part of the private sector, with the company quickly reaching a net value of over $30 million. Info Technologies was later merged with Diversant after its bout of success, to form the company Diversant LLC. John became the Principal Executive as part of the leadership advisory board at Diversant.

Diversant is also known as the largest African American IT staffing company within the United States, which enables John Goullet to share his knowledge with a great deal of people as part of the advisory board. He has brings great value with experience in building a startup company, handling customers, and surpassing technical requirements. Not only does John Goullet have a great deal of experience in business, but Diversat is able to effect ethnic diversity in a variety of ways. They allow their consultants to come up with strategies to solve issues from many different standpoints and cultural views, to come up with different solutions for different life experiences.

As it stands, Diversant LLC is certified completely as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise, which indicates that the company is owned primarily by individuals who fall into the minority. This is unlike most other tech companies out there. Diversant is also very supporting of the Harlem Business Alliance, viewing Ethnic Diversity as a positive and not just a quota or requirement. The Harlem Business Alliance and Diversant are involved with each other because the decreasing investment and lack of support of Harlem.

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  1. The range of ethnic diversity in Diversant’s consultants is also very welcome to customers who are looking to meet different goals for diversity and culture for their companies. It is very certain that to help with assignments would be very common this year than last year.

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