Keeping Your Business Reputation Clean

Being an entrepreneur has been your lifetime dream and goal. Not only has it been a dream, but you’ve taken the giant step of running your own business. You run the business in a respectful manner and try to maintain a positive image for your brand or service.

Wouldn’t it be great to run your business without customer discrepancies? Hopefully not having to deal with customers (or competitors) making negative comments about you or your business? That would be exquisite, except for one thing. Anyone in business knows that you can’t please all the people all the time.

Truth is, one bad transaction could mean a disgruntled customer on a crusade to ruin your business. Disgruntled customers, along with jealous competition, could put your reputation and your business in the line of fire. You think you should take the high road and do business as usual. Ignore the “small” talk.

However, things are not always that simple. What should you do in a confrontational dispute about the way you do business? If you don’t defend yourself in today’s society of consumers, people may take heed to the accusations of your business. There are five ways to get past this.

Don’t stoop to a disgruntled customer’s or jealous competitor’s level.

It’s only human nature to fight back when people push you. The downside to that is it makes you look unprofessional. You shouldn’t “beef” with customers or competition.

If all else fails, there is a company online that can help remove negative reviews. Go to and utilize their services, while you run your business.

Don’t underestimate your support groups.

These are the people that were there from “Day 1” until now. Let them know how you feel about the attack on you and your business. Whatever you do, don’t let your anger get the best of you. If the accusations become too much to handle, then visit

Above all, remember why you got into business for yourself in the first place. It will all become clear.

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  1. It makes you look like a common “thug”. Adhere to the same ethical business practices you’re accustomed to. “Show them” better than you tell them. That is also the main reason why wpuld like to focus on what is going on and make sure it works out pretty well.

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